NO bring your own phone in my area

I was thinking of upgrading to Moto G5 Plus phone and 3.0 plan and can get the phone much cheaper from Amazon without having to pay your ridiculous shipping fees to my 28443 zip in SE NC. I ordered SIM card from you with your $4 shipping for something that could be put in a first class postage envelop and now I discover I could have ordered SIM card from Amazon had it in two days with free shipping. But alas, I now find by accident that “Bring your own phone” is not supported in my 28443 zip. RW needs to do a lot better job of explaining that certain phones only work in certain areas and then these phones have to be ordered directly from RW .

It’s known that BYOD is GSM only (T-Mobile is Republic partner for GSM)
coverage check here will tell one if BYOD is not an option

With myself being of less IQ than the outside temp. don’t quite understand how the Moto G5 Plus ordered from RW is suppose to work fine in my area but the one ordered from another source with the exact same SIM card will not work well in same area. I would guess that RW does some kind of special magic other than the SIM card to make this phone work great in my area?

Hi @ruben!

Actually, the SIM cards won’t be the same. They are different. That error means that you don’t have sufficient coverage with Republic’s GSM partner. Republic still has a seccond CDMA partner though. Since BYOD is not available for Republic’s CDMA partner yet, you have to buy the Moto G5 from Republic for use on their CDMA partner. Does that help?



Yeap, that explains it, thanks. At some times the message comes up that it will not work and other times it does not. I was just before ordering the Moto G5 Plus from Amazon at quite a deal but will not order now. I guess I will have to eat the SIM card I ordered from RW for $5. plus the $4.49 shipping since it can not be cancelled and will not work. Thanks again for your input…ruben

Hi @ruben

No problem! You can open a help ticket at Republic Help to ensure sure it won’t work if you would like (since it seems to be bouncing arround). If all else fails, you can try reselling the SIM on eBay. Hope that helps!


Hi @ruben,

I can appreciate how you feel and agree Republic could do a better job of communicating. It’s confusing because when you enter your zip code (28443) on “Shop Phones” coverage checker, it says the Moto G5 Plus is good for your area. It also lists phones not good for your area but does not state “Bring your own phone” is not supported for your location on this page. So it’s easy for someone to assume this phone would be fine for BYOP. I wish it would include this statement at this stage of the consumer shopping experience.

Instead this page communicates the following:


Check our list of compatible phones
and order your SIM card.

Learn More

Only until you try to order the SIM card do you receive a warning.

Please note: The SIM Kit does not have coverage in the 28443 zip code.

Proceeding with this order may result in a poor experience. You can still buy it, but we want to be sure to tell you now to avoid a messy breakup later.

I can see where someone would be confused at this point. One page says the Moto G5 Plus is a good fit but suddenly a different page states the SIM kit does not have good coverage. I can also see where current customers might ignore the warning because they may already have good coverage so why would it be different on the new phone. Many folks do not know BYOP is offered on a different network (GSM partner).

I suspect Republic will continue to listen to customers like you as they try to make the purchasing experience not only easier (less confusing) and more clearly comprehensible.


Here’s what I would do. Get the SIM, activate the service, confirm that the coverage really is bad. If it is, open a ticket with support. In most cases they will work with you to verify that CDMA coverage would be better for you and then work with you to move you from GSM to CDMA.


Hi @ruben,

I’m not sure what the return policy would be on the G5+ you’re looking at on Amazon, but if there’s any leeway to try things out, @louisdi’s advice is right on the mark. If our support team determines your coverage would be better on our CDMA carrier, they will provide that card at no additional charge.

I’m going to send you a private message with some additional details about your situation.


Hi @ruben,

Thanks for your feedback about the differences on our website in ordering a BYOP SIM card and ordering a phone directly from us. I just wanted to follow up and let you know that your comments (and some similar ones we’ve received from others) have been reviewed by the team that manages the online shopping experience and some changes are being incorporated into the website that should help provide clarity for those in your situation.

Thanks also for allowing me to work with you by DM to see if we could reach a solution specific to your situation.

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