No caller ID for incoming calls?

When i get an incoming call on my Galaxy S9, I don’t get any Caller ID information unless the # is on my contacts which makes sense.

Shouldn’t the phone say “Blocked ID” or “Unknown Call” at least? It seems strange no unknown calls coming in have any information. Does being on Wifi calling affect Caller ID?


Hi @pinoybear,

Are you saying you see nothing at all or just the telephone number of the incoming caller?

Hi there, I am seeing the incoming phone #, but never any Caller ID or anything along the lines of “Unknown Caller”,

Hi @pinoybear,

Your experience is what’s expected. Caller ID is the incoming phone number. What you’re looking for is Caller Name (CNAM). Neither Republic or any other mobile service provider I’ve done business with supplies CNAM. CNAM is more typically something someone would see on a landline. One would only see “Unknown Caller” if the caller was blocking their Caller ID (phone number) from being transmitted.

For more detail on all this, please see this previous post: CNAM (Caller Name) 101


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