No calls coming in to phone, never rings on my end, only receive voice mail

What phone do you have?

What plan are you on?

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text?

I have a Moto X pure with My Choice + 1 GB plan. My phone does not ring when calls come in and they do not even show up in my call log where incoming calls should be with the number. The only way I know I got a call is a voice mail notification and the persons voice mail is there, but there is nothing in the call log. This has happened in the past off and on but has gotten continually worse and now I seem to get almost no calls. Sometimes if I call someone, then right after that all of a sudden things will come in on the phone, like texts and other notifications that can be from an hour ago. A call might then come in also, but 1 minute later another call will only go to voice mail and not ring. I have looked at similar issues on the forum and tried a few things mentioned there. I have tried switching the phone to using cell only, which I have LTE at my home, and switching off the wifi. It makes no difference. We have tried leaving the phone plugged into the charger and it makes no difference. I also put MacroDroid, since I saw that suggested for a Doze problem, and it did not help at all! Not sure what to do, but this is my only phone and it has become unreliable. Can anyone help? Is this solvable or will I be forced to buy a new phone?

Issue Description

1st … sorry you had to wait for 6 days for any response from the community.
I would suggest the following steps, to possibly remediate the situation or figure out a few more things that it isn’t

  • You have eliminated Doze (as it doesn’t cause failures on Cell, or when the phone is on a charger)
  • You have tried both Cell and WiFi, so that helps narrow it down to possibly your phone or Republics servers

Clean Start

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Hi @pamelad.op6fbh, were you able to resolve the issues with receiving calls or are you still experiencing problems?


Yes, thanks. It seems to be working okay right now again.

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Thank you for your assistance!

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