No cell data available when off of WiFi


This may be helpful to new users like me.
Info: MOTO 5G Plus, 2G Data, Phoenix AZ

I’m on my RW account for the second day now with much success until today. I went for a long bike ride (no WiFi) and decided to test my data and cell service while on the ride. Tried to find an atm for my bank, no success. Tried using google maps to see my location, no success. No success meaning google maps opened but with a blank white screen, even after I attempted a search for a specific location.
So when I got home I went to the forum and searched around for a similar topic and found some things that made me check all of my data settings plus the settings in all of my apps including RW app and Google Maps app etc. Had everything turned on to use data. Connected with my WiFi at home and tried Google Maps again. No luck. Ultimately I restarted my phone and it began to work fine on WiFi. The next step, I turned my WiFi off and just used cell service to connect to Google Maps and it worked! I don’t know why. I will try it again when I’m away from WiFi and update this post as necessary. Today I learned… try restarting your phone. Don’t know why it works. Please post comments if you’ve encountered similar issues and similar or different solutions. Thanks!

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For a newly activated phone…if you don’t have a strong enough cellular signal at home…then it takes a restart in the presence of strong cellular signal to get it fully activated. Once activated, you should have good access to cellular data…as far as you are in good coverage area.



Update from yesterday. Went on another bike ride, this time in the mountains and everything worked fine! I will say yesterday, when I was having issues I only had 2 bars on the LTE network and today (where I was riding in the mtns) I had 5 bars of LTE. But I used an app that uses both data and GPS to track my ride distance and elevation. It worked great! I was also happy to find out that the app I used only took 1MB of data which I was concerned about. I think it pairs with Google Maps which only used 1.5MB as well. I’m definitely happy with that. So far I can’t complain since I made sure my data usage was where I needed it and I restarted the phone. Hope this helps anyone with the same issues or concerns. - Thanks for your input amitl!



And thank you for your input … Would you mind sharing which app you used to track the ride? (It’s how we all learn)



You are very welcome. As for Google Maps…1.5MB isn’t that much data, so may not matter to you.
But, you can further optimize your data usage…by saving offline data in Google Maps by going
to Settings -> Offline Maps and then select an area to save offline. Offline data expires periodically…so be sure to update it from time to time.



I have the Moto G5 Plus too. I experience similar cell connection issues too. RW website did say I had no cell coverage at my home, but WiFi would allow for calls and data which it does. I do have weak cell service at home, but it is enough for calls and texts, usually.
What RW didn’t make clear is that their data partners have the absolute poorest cell coverage in my state. So I now pay $5 a month for data service that I cannot use unless I drive an hour to a city.
I’ve dealt with customer service through email for my G5, and two other G3 phones and had to enter codes and this-n-that’s to try to fix things. Doesn’t seem like folks should have to kill a chicken out behind the barn to get their RW cell phones to work.
As I’ve traveled around my rural home area in sub zero temperatures these past few days, with wind chill as much as 40 below zero, I’m starting to think of what could happen should an emergency arise, or my vehicle fail.
The ‘big’ national carriers in my area that may cost 2-3 times more per month are starting to look more attractive. At least their phones work, and if something goes wrong with your phone you can just stop into their store and say, “fix this”.

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