No Cell Data if no WIFI

What phone do you have? G5+

What plan are you on? My Choice + 1G

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? data

Issue Description

A few days ago I hit reset by mistake, thinking it would clear my sluggish service.
Since then I have WIFI but no cell (Mobile) data. So I get no texting in or out.
I feel that one switch on or off would fix it. I have not received a response from anyone.
Thanks, ges1244

all info says cell is on.

Can you tell us a little bit more about where you hit the reset? What app or settings?

Take a look at this help document and let us know if that gets you back on track

Another thing to try would be

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Network & Internet… 3 dots

Cell Data enabled

Nothing working

I should say nothing different. Im very new at this having problem stuff

Just to recap…your phone was working normally…but sluggish…then you did this reset under “network and internet” and then your cellular data stopped working…is that accurate?

yes, I lost all my WIFI settings as well. I don’t remember exactly why I hit the reset, I thought it would correct something.

Does your cellular signal in the top right corner show proper signal and LTE or H next to it?

Make sure your preferred network type is set to LTE

There is no LTE in right top… I currently show a fan and a triangle

The fan is for your WiFi…you will need to disable WiFi temporarily to check your cell signal

thanks for your patients…
I turned off WIFI and no LTE… It still will not send text .

Can you tell me how to get LTE on?

How is the signal level…how much of the triangle for the cell signal filled in? Has it always been the same?

its full… all filled in

The link above to set the preferred network…should help you get the LTE…if LTE is available in your area…prior to your issue with the reset…did you see LTE on your cellular signal?

I just restarted the phone and it is still reconfiguring the mobile network.

Yes, I always had LTE

Did you do the Refresh Republic Wireless activation I linked above?

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