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All of a sudden in the first or second week of May I noticed that I no longer had cell or text service. I can only use my phone on wifi. I have has RW for several years now and my phone has worked perfectly up to now. Any suggestions? I did factory reset, and a cell reactivation and still nothing.

Hi @tinal.d8f04u

Which model phone do you have, please?

How many bars of cell signal do you see? Are there any letters or symbols by the cell signal icon?

moto X first generation

no bars of cell signal

no letters or symbols

Please try the following when your phone is connected via WiFi:

Open the dialer and dial ##72786#. Don’t press the “Call” button, the display will clear on its own.

(If prompted, tap Yes to confirm resetting to factory defaults.) Your phone may restart.

Note: Once this step is complete you must complete the next step or your phone will not work while on cellular.

Update the profile Note: You’ll need to be on WiFi to update the Profile.
This will restore or refresh your phone’s Sprint settings; go to:

Settings > System Update > Update Profile.

Restart again, The phone should automatically restart after a few seconds. If it doesn’t, then manually restart the phone.

If you are seeing a COMM_SOCKET error, please try a different WiFi network. Restaurants, coffee shops and libraries are good places to check for available WiFi.

Please report back if you have any further questions or if the problem persists.


@tinal.d8f04u Are you still having an issue?

I just received the same issue around the 14th of june 2019. Lost service, searching for service. Tried all of the resetting, refreshing, updating procedures and turning off and on my phone for days now hoping someone will fix it. I’m on the Moto-G 1st gen. It has been a rock solid heck of a phone that I had for years. I never had an issue and was my first phone that not only kept the longest, but rarely experienced issues. About a year ago, I noticed Verizon (the evil devils themselves) started holding my voicemails and often times texts hostage. If I wasn’t on WiFI (and I am 70% of the time) I wouldn’t get a voicemail if one was left. Then all of a sudden if I was on cell and no WiFi i’d get 10 or 20 voicemail notifications and my phone would just freak out dinging and slowing right down saying I have new voicemails. I would have to call the automated voicemail service and one at a time delete them after I already knew that I was “Blowing people off” and not returning calls. I would be out of service and if a call goes straight to voicemail, I would receive it a month or two later all bundled up, sometimes 30 at a time.

Now onto the real issue that @tinal.d8f04u is experiencing. Last friday I just went out of service and still to this day I have no service. I know the phone radio is working just fine because bluetooth works, wifi works, and 1 sprint tower works. I travel all over for work and found 1 sprint tower accepted my phone and registered it to the network. All other towers have seemed to reject my service. As other members pointed out, doing the refreshing, updating, and resetting should have fixed the issue. I never had to do this ever and just been doing it all weekend and week long now and nothing. I hope this doesnt decide that its finally time to move on and try and find a better deal elsewhere. I really think the evil Verizon and some of sprint has taken steps to refuse service to RW users and this is sad to see being this is a great service with great potential. I dont have a lot of money to blow on expensive phones and price gouging wireless “GODS” and would rather not have a phone and just write letters again. I hope this gets resolved. thanks

P.S. This service has been great with robocalls. I rarely get robo callers on RW and I have a company verizon 4g LTE phone that gets those robo group texts that you cant block without blocking everyone else and often times Customers every day sometimes several times a day and robo calls like crazy. I get them worse than on a landline. Its horrible. Almost like Verizon wants them to call and irritate you around the clock so you have to spend 12.95 a month for their half assed blocking service.

I ended up buying a new phone from RW and everything works fine now.

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Thank you for your response

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