No cell phone calls


I ported my number from an iPhone to my android and now ALL incoming calls go directly to voicemail I get no calls HELP!!


Michael, this is a little more info than your last post, but still not exactly enough. When was the port completed? If you open the Republic App on your phone, is the correct phone number shown there? Have you received an email from Republic letting you know the port is complete?


if I am not on WiFi cellular is not available


Michael, This isn’t nearly enough information for us to help you. We need to know what model phone you have, was the phone previously working but now isn’t? Is everything not working on cellular (calling/texting/data)? The more info you provide the better chance that we can help you.


Ok I have a MotoG5 Plus and I ported it a few days ago. Everything was working fine until I ported the number from my old iPhone. Yes, the RW app in the phone shows my ported number. I can get calls from another Android but it cuts out in the beginning of the call. I’ve tried this in many locations and it also will not use cell data unless I have WiFi connected. It sounds as if I need to just go back to the iPhone and forget this whole thing. I’ve already missed SEVERAL important calls that simply go to voicemail. Do I change the number to a new one and try that?


Please try this, open the dialer, as if making a call and dial *#*#8647#*#* WHILE CONNECTED TO WIFI and then do NOT hit send, but instead simply waiting until the screen clears. Once it does, please restart the phone.

Does this resolve the issue?


screen never clears Mike ThomasMusician/Songwriter/Producer


Sorry, code got munged by the system. I now corrected it.


Tried the fixed script you sent and I still can’t get calls. I can make calls and I can make and get text. But for some reason ANYONE who calls me goes directly to voicemail. Help?


Have you opened a ticket? I think we’ve largely done what we can in the community.


Thanks and yes I have but have been waiting for over 7 hours for any kind of response. Mike ThomasMusician/Songwriter/Producer


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