No cell service 3.0

Twice since December 23 I have lost all cell service on 3.0 and have to reboot my g4 plus to get it back. Is this connected to the the latest RW App update?

When you do have cell service is it weak or strong? I have poor cell coverage at home (usually 0 bars) and occasionally I will lose service all together. This is why I’m glad I have good WiFi.

Pretty strong and it has happened both here at home and in the closest city to me (Burlington, VT)where it is even stronger. And it is not poor coverage it is totally gone with a blank triangle,just the border without any grey inside.

In that case you might have a problem with the transceiver. You can find the link to get the phone serviced here:

mf110621 - Motorola Support

Motorola will want you to factory reset the phone to confirm the problem before they will service it under warranty.

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