No Cell Service - Calling or Texting - only WiFi

What phone do you have? Moto G5Plus

What plan are you on? 2Gigs data

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? See above

Issue Description

All of a sudden my phone ONLY works on wifi. I did the reactivation.- the 8467 with the # and * and all that. I have removed SIM card and put back in. I have checked appropriate settings, e.g. airplane not on etc. The message from the phone states : “No network connection. You do not have access to cellular networks” I tried the phone in many places, it does not work anywhere. Republic Wireless responded once after two days, has not responded again since Tuesday morning. HELP. Is this phone broken and should be returned for warranty repair?

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Same problem, same phone. Problem just started this week. Downgraded my plan, as there is no reason to pay for data I cannot use. My G5Plus used to show LTE @ the cellular icon(and worked PERFECTLY), now it shows 3G! (and I cannot use data). Frustrating. Looking forward to reading any suggestions you may get here. I do have a ticket into Republic.

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I have a ticket in as well since Sunday. Received one response - had already done all they suggested. I am going to try a factory reset I guess if I don’t hear back today.

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Just tried factory reset - No cell service.

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Oh wow @Joy, I am a customer like you, with some privilege access and a cool badge.

If you don’t mind posting your ticket number(s), (we cannot see any information, but we can use the number for reference), we will/can get someone to look at it.

I can see from your profile you are kinda of new here, in the community. Glad you came here for help.

1384470 is the ticket number. I appreciate any help you could give me

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If you would post your Ticket Nr, we can check with support (and make them aware of the similarities to @Joy’s)

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Hey @jben having trouble signing-in…:slightly_frowning_face:, thanks. :grinning:

I have alerted the support folks , will add the 2nd Ticket nr when we see it

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Thanks, will update the RW folks

Oh great. I have to wait for a new SIM card that might fix the problem and in the meantime can’t switch to my old republic Moto g phone (that worked) because that SIM card is invalid according to the phone display. I’m very unhappy. Two phones and neither of them will work!

Why am I seeing so many folks with issues with the later model Moto phones?
I know a few others outside R.W that also are having issues with those phones as well.
I don’t think I can recommend them anymore.
I would say stick to Pixel or Samsung phones, but they certainly are not budget friendly.

Good grief…got a reply from Republic. They claim it is my address. My phone has been working perfectly here, at my address, and in all areas surrounding my address. This problem just cropped up THIS week. So yeah…boo to you, Republic. Or Sprint. Or whomever. :frowning:

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I am getting a new sim card mailed here. I thought I could turn my old phone on in the meantime because it still was working. Nope their SIM cards are inactivated in 20 days. Meanwhile I’m driving to/from work (3 hrs total) with no phone. It doesn’t even say it will work for an emergency.

Hi @Joy,

I’m very sorry to read that an unforeseeable issue with your phone has left you without service. That’s definitely not ideal in any situation.

Which phone was your previous phone? The SIM cards on our Moto E (2nd Gen), Moto G (3rd Gen) and Moto X (1st and 2nd Gen) do not expire.

Moto g4 and now I have the g4plus. I got a new one as there was an issue with the volume at times. My new one is about four or five months old.

Did the steps suggested in my Ticket reply. Now it is worse than before. Says 3G, with the exclamation point. Can’t call, forget data. At least before I could make a call.

Oops g5 plus is new one

Ugh. I’m sorry. I was told to see if radio service was on. It was not and when I put it on it goes off. IDK what that means because now I have to wait again for another msg. I wish they had a chat line

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