No Cell Service message

I recently received a “No Cell Service” message in a parking lot. I was thinking there’s a setting that needs tweaking? Samsung s8. Thank you.

Hi @tjohn777,

Are you still receiving that message or has it gone away? It’s not impossible there was genuinely no cellular service available at the referenced parking lot.

Thank you for responding… I am fine as I am back on my WiFi at home.

Hi @tjohn777,

If you temporarily turn off the phone’s WiFi, do you have cellular signal? If not, do you normally have cell signal at home?

I turn off my home WiFi and get the same message. It is a setting that needs tweaking.

I set the mobile networks indicator to Automatic and it connected fine. Will this cause issues?

Hi @tjohn777,

Perhaps, but not necessarily. The message is intended to convey your phone has no cellular coverage? Is this a new issue or have you had cellular coverage issues in the past?

Would you be comfortable sharing your zip code (nothing more)? It would also help us to know which Republic SIM type your phone is provisioned with:

No, that shouldn’t be an issue. It is, however, generally not necessary to change those settings unless one had previously changed something.

i am in Apex 27502… I should have cell all over the place. I have called the Vet from the parking lot before so I noticed something was up.

Hi @tjohn777,

I agree there’s robust coverage available in your area. The quality of that coverage does, however, depend upon which of Republic’s network partners your phone is provisioned for coverage with.

Republic provisions coverage with one of two networks. One is GSM (T-Mobile). The other is CDMA (legacy Sprint). According to the coverage maps, CDMA looks to be more robust than GSM. This is why I asked about your phone’s SIM.

It’s also possible there was a localized cell tower issue. It does happen from time to time. Chances are tweaking the setting you mentioned caused your phone to reconnect to the cellular network. Restarting the phone might have had the same effect.

Botton line, if things are no longer broken, there is no need to fix them. Should that change, please come back.

thank you for your help. The phone indicates CDMA but something was up. I did reconnect at the Vet today but still nothing. I will ride with this and see what happens… Thanks again

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