No Cell service only WIFI


What phone do you have? Moto Gen 3
What plan are you on? Base Plan 1 gb
Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? Yes

Issue Description

I only have service on WIFI. Have not been able to get a cell signal anywhere in my local area. This has been going on for over one week.
Updated PRL and software is also up to date.



If you haven’t done so already, Update Data Profile – Republic Help. If still unsuccessful, I would open a Republic Help request.



I have updated data profile and have also put in a help ticket and it has been over 24 hours with no response…what should I do next???/



Help Ticket #1263748
It has been over 24 hours, all I have received is an automated response which I replied to.
How long should this take?
Extremely frustrated as phone is integral part of my small business. Any suggestions on how to expedite this would be appreciated.



Hi @jeffreyz.519lfp,

I’ll look in on your ticket to make sure it is in the right hands. We are experiencing a heavy ticket volume and some delay, and I apologize that you’ve been caught in that.

Meanwhile, if you give the Community an idea of the issue you are experiencing, it’s possible they may be able to quickly help you, depending on what that issue is.



@southpaw, the issue is No Cell service only WIFI.



Thanks, I’ve merged the threads.



Hi @jeffreyz.519lfp,

I’ve reviewed your ticket and see that one of our technicians replied yesterday morning at 7:19 ET. You replied after that message, but did not indicate you had followed the steps that were given.

Do you need me to send those again?



I responded as best as I could…was unable to take a screen shot as requested…no request from RW help for further info…
I have been a customer for over two years and this is the first problem I have had, would hate to change carriers over what is probably a minor glitch, but I also need to have service.



I’ll respond in your ticket to see if we can get things moving along.



I would never use Republic Wireless for business, too many problems. Although the 3.0 plans were a huge improvement.




Can you tell me how you were able to resolve this issue? The exact same thing is happening to me. No cell service at all. It’s like Republic has just decided to turn off my service randomly. I have started a help ticket, have received an unhelpful response. Can’t believe how slow they are at getting back to customers who are not receiving a service they are paying for Republic to provide. Any help you could provide would be appreciated.



Hi @tonik

Though the symptoms may be similar, the cause isn’t necessarily the same. As you’re already engaged with support via a ticket, I do not wish to ask you to repeat steps you may already have been asked to do. If you would be kind enough to share your ticket number and when staff’s most recent response was, I’ll ask to see if someone might take another look.

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First, patience is a virtue when dealing with Republic help. I cannot
tell you exactly what transpired, but it finally turned out to be that
my antenna was broken. I bought another phone (Moto G4 plus) used on
eBay. I needed CDMA ability due to my coverage area.

It can be very frustrating at times, but considering it’s about $900 a
year less than Verizon, I just grin and bear it. Remember the big three
are not giving you anything for nothing, you are paying for it every
month through their exorbitant fees. (IMHO)

You may try reading through the email posts of this ticket. Also,
Southpaw was a great help and very knowledgeable.

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Thanks for responding. Yeah, we’ve been with Republic for years and have appreciated how much money they saved us. But I’m about to take a road trip through the mountains with my three kiddos and need a working cell phone. :confused:


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