No cell service today

What phone do you have? moto e4

What plan are you on? $15.00 +$5.00

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? $5.00…wifi is not available at work. today it said cell service is not available or something like that.i did do a power off… when receiving a call it would be quiet when i answered. when i tried to return the call it said i’m sorry cell service is not available at this time.or something like that i’m not sure… when i swipe down from the top it says cell service not available…now that i’m home it works normally while on wifi., but when i try to call out on cellular it rings once and then silence. but when i call my answering machine it rings once goes quiet but the call goes thru and the answering machine picks up… i can call my cell phone with my home phone and the call goes thru.i
m affraid when i’m away it will be a problem.could this be tower related.

Issue Description

i tried turning airplane mode on and off. then called my home phone it rang once in my earpiece but the machine picked up after 4 rings and the call connected… now when i swipe down it says connected to a cellular network. today i uninstalled both phone apps the default one which i had disabled because exdialer. now they are both active.

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