No cell service when away from wifi

I can’t get any cell service when away from wifi even though I have all my monthly data available. The phone says " emergency calls only".

What model phone are you having this issue with? (You can check at Settings – About Phone – Model)

I have a Moto E4

Hi @ginam.7lgnkz

If your phone is not connecting to Republic properly, you may want to reset your network settings and refresh the activation with Republic Wireless. This will make sure the phone is activated correctly for wifi and cell.

Here is some information on what is a network reset and how to reset the network on your phone.

Afterwords, you can refresh the activation of the phone while back on wifi.

Hi @ginam.7lgnkz,

As you mention having a Moto E4, please see if this helps:


Thanks I got reconnected to cell service by resetting my network settings last night. So I’m good to go.

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