No cellular available for voice calls

Moto G5 Plus
My Choice +1GB - plan includes data

Just transferred to this phone yesterday. I did receive voice calls yesterday. Now when trying to make a call I get the message “No Cellular available for voice calls”. I can’t not receive calls as well. I am getting my voicemails. I have full Wi-Fi bars. No other devices are having a problem with Wi-Fi here.
I have tried shutting off and on phone multiple times. I have cleared the cache. In looking at the Republic Wireless it says “Calls over cell, messages and data over Wi-Fi” Why do I not have calls over Wi-Fi?
thanks for any help you can give.

There was an outage last night, so this may be connected to the outage. Please go through the steps seen here:

I just did what you said to do and it still when not let me make calls. Why does it say “Calls over cell, messages and data over WiFi”? I should have my calls over WiFi as well.
Thanks –

Please open a help ticket and then respond back here with the ticket number. There was an outage last night and this may be related. You can open a help ticket here:

my help ticket number is 1353589

Thank you. I’m going to tag @southpaw to make sure this is in the correct queue.

The ticket has a response and is awaiting @rachelq’s attention.


followed your instructions in your email and sent you back a reply. I have not been able to restore cellular. Thanks -R

Our support team will keep working on a solution. Thank you for your patience.

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I didn’t do anything different since the last time we communicated but it is now working. I just received a call and was able to make a call via wifi! Whoohoo! :slight_smile: Thank you!
My battery is still going down quickly (down to 51% in 9 hours) but now that the phone is working on wifi and not searching for cellular, we will see if the battery usage will slow down a bit. Thanks!


Thanks @rachelq,

Our engineers were able to resolve an issue that was impacting a portion of our members. I’m glad to read that it took care of your issue as well.


Having the same problem here with my daughter’s phone. I’ve also been trying to get this resolved since last night. It’s taken customer service long hours to reply. I tried refreshing the activation, didn’t work. If anyone could escalate this it would be appreciated. Ticket ID: #1352934.

Hi @mailep,

It looks like your situation is resolved now. I’m terribly sorry to see this outage impacted your daughter’s phone for longer than most. Please let us know if there is anything further we need to do for you.

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