No Cellular Coverage in my area? Since when

Why does the Smart Coverage Checker and the Shop Phones page both tell me there is no cellular coverage in my area and any calls I make must be through WiFi?

Please note: Your area does not have cellular coverage.

Remember, with Republic you’re still covered as long as you have WiFi, but when you move out of WiFi range, you won’t be able to make or receive calls and text, or use data.

I’ve been using Republic Wireless in this location (zip code 59718) for 18 months. Will I lose coverage if i buy a new phone? Is the Checker just plain wrong?

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I’ve run into the same situation. Are you going to believe the coverage checker or your own lying eyes?

Here are both coverage maps for Bozeman:

4G LTE Coverage Map | Check Your 4G LTE Cell Phone Coverage | T-Mobile

Just put your zip into both maps. Sprint (the carrier you have been using) is off network roaming for the most part so you are probably seeing a triangle over you bar display. The new carrier T-Mobile appears to have better coverage.

Both maps tell me that “No cellular coverage” is wrong but an RW employee translates this to 'inadequate cellular coverage" which your first-hand experience refutes.

No it is correct. In your ZIP GSM has very poor coverage ranging from Fair to Roaming (That would be wrong for us not to warn people of that). Also your Sprint coverage is roaming only. Based on our current plans and our costs that is meant to be used sparingly. We try to warn before people buy coverage if it will just not be as good as other areas, for their benefit and ours.

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Look at his ZIP @billg if it is roaming only should we warn? We are not stopping him but a pause to think about it is warranted.

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There is a big difference between “no cell coverage” and “marginal cell coverage” especially when presented to someone who has been using a cell phone (in this case an RW phone) there for a long time. To make matters worse there is nothing to indicate that the person can go ahead and order a phone anyway or how to order a phone that will have the same coverage as the one they have been using in the past. I’ve spent time in Bozeman. Nestled in the mountains of Montana, everyone who lives there knows the cell coverage is seriously limited by the terrain.

I guess it would be helpful if the Shop Phones page said coverage is roaming and/or limited, or coverage is poor, rather than “you won’t be able to make calls or text”. Based on the T-Mobile map we get 4G LTE at our home. So, I guess based on my current experience I can get a new phone?

If you order one of the phones that works with both CDMA and GSM you will most likely be shipped a CDMA (Sprint) phone because your present RW phone is CDMA, If you order one that works only on GSM you will definitely receive on that works on GSM (T-Mobile).

The phones RW sells are available elsewhere, sometimes at a better price. If you buy one of those and buy an RW SIM it will definitely work on GSM (T-Mobile).

Here is an easy way to see which phones work on both CDMA and GSM:

Go to the coverage checker and put in my ZIP. 56587. When you go to Shop the phones listed as suitable are the ones that work on both CDMA and GSM. The phones listed as unsuitable only work on GSM.

If I were to order a phone today I would be shipped a CDMA model, strange as it may seem, since my GSM phone works just fine.

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billg wrote:

If I were to order a phone today I would be shipped a CDMA model

Doubt that would happen if your ordered a GSM only phone.

You quoted me out of context.

Now it’s starting to make sense to me. Thank you, billg.

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