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I have the Samsung 7Edge, I have the 4 G plan that includes Talk Text and Data. I live where there is no wifi and the backup has been Sprint, lately I have been unable to get enought cell to even have calls. Is this because of the Sprint merger with T Mobile? I have never had this happen in the past, are we going to have a backup server with T Mobile or do I have to go to a different supplier. Every where I go I use the wifi but when at home I only have cell no internet sevice. Would like your information on this. Thank you, Susan

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  • Have you explored using T-Mobile?
    • If you could provide your address (only the Zip Code) we could do a check for you and if better choice let you know what would be necessary to obtain a new SIM and shift over

No I haven’t explored tmobile as they said nothing would chang for sprint customers during this merger. Republic did everything for hooking me up when I joined years ago. I am only a mile from the tower. My husband has a straight plan with Sprint and he isn’t getting service either. Any help would be appreciated. Susan

Hi @sue,

As both you and your husband are experiencing difficulties, it would suggest there’s something going on with Sprint network coverage in your area. That something may or may not be related to the T-Mobile/Sprint merger. In any event, to provide further insight, we would need to know your general location. Are you comfortable sharing your zip code (nothing more) keeping in mind though you are replying via email, you’re posting in Republic’s Community, which is a public Internet forum

No problem, I appreciate any help I can get. My zip code is 01355. New Salem, MA. Very remote , thanks

Hi @sue,

I grew up in eastern Massachusetts and do have passing familiarity with New Salem and western Massachusetts generally.

Please allow me to provide some context regarding Republic’s coverage options. Republic provisions cellular coverage with one of two network partners. One partner operates a GSM network and is T-Mobile. Republic’s other partner operates a CDMA network and is Sprint. Cellular coverage is provisioned with one partner or the other not both simultaneously.

Looking at the respective partner’s coverage maps, I do see why Republic set you up with CDMA (Sprint network) as opposed to GSM (T-Mobile network) coverage. Candidly, GSM coverage doesn’t look very good. If you happen to know T-Mobile’s coverage performs better than their coverage maps suggest, please let us know. Facts on the ground trump coverage maps.

I’m not seeing any reports online that suggest Sprint is experiencing an outage in your area, though that doesn’t rule out an issue with the specific tower close to you. Before sending you down any potential troubleshooting rabbit holes, I’m curious to know what if anything Sprint has told your husband?


Thanks for the information, I haven’t addressed this with Sprint yet. I don’t usually have a positive experience with them and I do with Republic. I will be contacting them tomorrow. Thanks for your input

Hi @sue,

The coverage provided to your CDMA provisioned Republic Samsung Galaxy S7 would be identical to the coverage provided by Sprint to your husband. I don’t expect Sprint would assist you if you tell them you’re a Republic customer.

Sprint would, however, be obligated to provide some explanation to your husband as he is their customer. What they tell him, will, hopefully, help us better help you.


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