No Cellular Service .. No Voice calls

What phone do you have?

What plan are you on?

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text?
I have Pixel 2… My Choice Plan. with data and talk and text.

I started getting No Voice calls/no cellular available/emergency calls only etc messages lately.
And yesterday when Spectrum had a large area outage here in NC, my phone could not make calls or receive calls on Cellular. Normally I can access signal if the wifi is weak, etc. but this is happening a lot lately.

I was just in a store without Wi fi and could not use data to access my store account info, etc.
Do I have my settings set to prevent this? I have not changed anything…

Issue Description

Take a look at this help document

Also, you may want to make sure that your RW app is up to date.

Thank you for the article. My app is up to date. And the issue is not really about understanding how to make a phone call or use all the phone icons, etc.
The issue is that a message comes on my phone that ONLY emergency calls are available… that something may be blocking wi fi …and that I have no cellular service.

I get these off and on and in places where I have WiFi and have always had cellular.

It is a bit frustrating and confusing…

I’m thinking that maybe the SIM needs resetting. If anyone has ever touched the metal contacts on the SIM card (or, even if they haven’t), some microscopic corrosion or electrolysis can sometimes occur, causing problems like yours. You might try cleaning the SIM contacts with alcohol an reinserting it. You might also try the RW default miracle cure… dial *#*#8647#*#* (while connected to WiFi). Give the phone a few seconds to updates it’s registration credentials, then reboot the phone. Best of luck.

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Hi @phyllis,

The article that @amitl provided has a full series of troubleshooting steps at the end. These are the same steps our support team will need to walk you through if you open a ticket.

I had the same notificaton on my phone earlier this week and it cleared when I rebooted the phone, the first troubleshooting step on that list.

What steps have you already taken to try to resolve the issue?

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Hey! I have rebooted… it seems fine now. But I also did reboot a few times the week that the message occurred, But at least for now, it seems ok.
Is there a setting that prevents cell data from being used? I do not have data saver or data freeze turned on.

In the Android Settings menu check on:

  • Network & Internet > Mobile network: You want the Mobile Data and Roaming toggles turned on. Otherwise the RW app may not work as intended.
  • Network & Internet > Data usage: Data saver off, Mobile Data on, tap the big Usage graphic and make sure there is not a warning set.
  • In the Republic Wireless app, if you do want to restrict cellular data use without affecting RW service, use the Data Freeze option in the Settings > Data tools.

Thanks for this! Did all of those steps~ again~
Mostly the problem is not occurring at this time…well, except for briefly this morning when for a very short time, I got the message again “emergency calls only” ~ then the cellular bar filled up a bit and RW came back on!

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