No cellular service when claimed - 61019

What phone do you have? Galaxy S10+ SM-G975U1

What plan are you on? Annual plan no data

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? No data but added data for 1 month

Issue Description

I have been a Republic user for several years. I purchased a house 25 miles away. I loose connection to any cell tower on the way to and at the new location. The new ZIP code is 61019. Republic’s website shows coverage exists. Is theresomething I can do to improve performance? I can stand outside my house and have zero connection. I hate the idea of converting to Verizion, new phones, numbers and all.

  • The first thing to do is determine which Carrier you are on (the current location where you are) see: How to Tell If a Phone Is Active on GSM or CDMA – Republic Help
    • Post back if you’re CDMA (Sprint) or (GSM T-Mobile), this will allow the community to help you with the determination on whether or not to request a different SIM
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I am using GSM.
Thanks for responding.

Coverage around Davis/Lake Summerset, IL looks bad for the GSM carrier, and doesn’t look much better for the CDMA carrier. You may wish to give CDMA a try, however. You can request a CDMA SIM card through the following process:

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Hey @johnf.tuafd4,

Did you attempt to request a CDMA SIM card? If so, was there any improvement?

I received 2 CDMA cards but neither will register with the network. I put in a support request and have heard nothing

Hi @johnf.tuafd4,

Your ticket remains with our coverage team, and while they do work some very long hours, they were offline for the holiday weekend. I see that they are now working with you to help you complete the CDMA activation.

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