No Coverage at my home location

I’ve recently moved. The coverage map shows there is coverage in my home area, but I’m not able to get any signal at all with my Moto G4. Has the empty triangle and states only emergency calls can be made. If I drive to another town, I get service. I’m I just in the wrong location for getting service since it can only use Sprint towers?



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Hi @williamp.u1fkts!

Actually, it’s quite possible that your phone uses TMobile’s towers. The My Choice plans offer either Sprint or TMobile depending on the coverage. Could we have you old and your new zip codes so we can check the coverage? Additionally, do you not have WiFi at your house? If you have WiFi, it should bridge the coverage gap.


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The old zip code is 34653. The new zip code is 14471. I do have WiFi at my house, which makes the phone actually useful in my house. If I walk to the store or something where it would most useful to have service, I’m pretty much MIA.

You may want to use (on your pc) something like RootMetrics. They drive the routes and analyze multiple carriers using a suite of phones. This breaks down the coverage into small cells that you can check individually

You can search your specific address, and compare the Network (GSM is #3 in the pulldown)

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RootMetrics is pretty cool. It shows green for coverage in the cell where I live for both Sprint and T-Mobile.

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They also have an app to allow users to provide ‘data points’ as additional input, plus provides additional testing best described by them at RootMetrics - Google Play

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I wanted to follow up with this topic. I did some Googling about the Moto G4 and it’s one of Republic’s phones that supports CDMA in addition to GSM. I opened a ticket and they were kind enough to send me a new SIM card that allows my phone to use the CDMA towers which have better coverage in my area. I now have service in my home area. They are so awesome!


PSA: To aid users in understand the capabilities of phones sold or available for service as part of the BYOP program, @billg (and added to by other community members) into an very comprehensible table form: Detailed Supported Phone Features

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Thanks for following up and glad to know changing to the CDMA networks allows better coverage in your new area.

Have to agree with with the awesome having seen myself the support and options RW’s service can provide.

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