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I live in Oklahoma city and any time I’m in a crowd of people I have little to no coverage. My friend who is still on 2.0 plan with moto x 2nd generation has no problems at all. Went to Thunder game tonight little to no coverage. Went to a baseball game last month also downtown little to no coverage. Went to Tulsa to Janet Jackson concert. Little to no coverage. Anytime I’m in a crowd of people this happens. Also happen in Minneapolis at a concert. I have open a ticket but thought I’ll also ask you all on the board. I am better off dumping RW. I’m using 3.0 plan moto x pure unlocked brought from B&H photo. I assume I’m using T-Mobile tower and friend is using a Sprint tower.


Both of your assumptions regarding carrier would be correct.

When in these situations are you actually seeing a weak signal or seeing signal but having issues with data/calling?

In any case, the X Pure is a phone that can be moved between carriers by support. If you’d like to have that happen, you’ll need to open a ticket. Scheduled Maintenance | Republic Wireless

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Thanks I have open a ticket with them. I hope they can send me a different sim card? He has full bars I’ll have half at best.


The signal difference is likely due to the carrier difference. If you haven’t asked specifically in your ticket, I would update it with a specific request for a move to Sprint.

Also, I think the “crowd” is actually unrelated. I believe that if you return to the locations where you were with the crowds but a t time without crowds, you would find service just as disappointing (and much more lonely).

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Thanks for the info and it works ok not great outside the arena. I works ok also when the area is half empty and i get their early. Not great but still ok.


Working and signal are too different things.

Inside the arena, I would expect the signal to be much weaker, and it not to work as well.

In crowds, I would expect the signal to be the same, but performance to perhaps be worse. This is because the cellular network has limited capacity and is not built for the “peak” events like large crowds.

As to why Sprint is better than the other carrier there… First, sounds like Sprint just has better coverage in your area, but as far as performance goes it could be a combination of coverage and then either Sprint just has more capacity or they have less customers in those crowds.


I believe Sprint has more lower frequency bands on their network, which penetrate buildings (and crowds) better.

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Just a update. RW sent me a card that ran on Sprint towers. Thunder game tonight full house and my internet was great. I did have to switch from LTE to 3G but worked great. Really no problems at all. If you live in OKC and go to events get a Sprint Card.

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