No coverage in my home area ( area code 27557)

What phone do you have? Moto X4
What plan are you on? $20, 1G plan
Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? Includes all

Issue Description

Last week I purchased the new Moto X4. Before I made the purchase, I checked for coverage area and it said that my area was covered. Unfortunately, I don’t get even a bar. No cellular connection, and the battery gets drained super fast while at home. Example: While at work, I start at 7:00 AM with 100% charge, and by the end of the day (7:00PM) I still have 80% charge. As soon as I get home, the battery goes down so fast (without usage) that I have to put it back on the charger. Help please?

Hi @patriciav.b4krgi!

Oh no! I have checked the ZIP and I can see some spots with no coverage. I will say that the only way to find the exact coverage would be to put in your address. However, I am obviously not going to ask for that :wink: . Republic may be able to move you over to their other network partner to see if that can improve your coverage. You will need to open a help ticket for them to look into your situation and see if moving you to their CDMA partner (Sprint) would help. The lack of coverage would explain the battery drain as the phone would be searching for a signal when it was out of range. I hope this helps!



try looking at the opensignal map

and rootmetrics

may find that someone else has better coverage for your area, sometime RW just can’t fill in all the spots


Do you have cell coverage and signal bars at your work location? Looks like you may have upgraded from a Legacy phone which would have been on the Sprint CDMA network. As @mb2x said moving to the CDMA network would likely resolve your issue.

If you need the cell coverage while at home you may want to reactivate your old phone if available/usable for use until a replacement SIM arrives.



To go along with the Ticket as suggested by the others, you may want to download an app like this: Network Cell Info Mini and grab a screenshot to provide evidence of what the quality of your Cell signal is


Thanks to you all for your help. I ended up opening a help ticket today. I got a reply super fast. :star_struck: I added some more info in the ticket: that I had graduated from a Moto X 2nd Gen, and that I was able to get a couple of bars worth of cell signal with it.

That tidbit of info was enough to let them know what was wrong! My old Moto X 2nd Gen was using CDMA network, and my new Moto X4 is using GSM. There’s no GSM coverage in my area at all !!!, so RW is sending me a new CDMA Sim card.

jben, I got the app. Not sure of what it all means, but on the two gauges on your picture, my needles were all the way to the left (-141 on both). Every once in a while the needles would go crazy and jump to about -120.

Again, thank you guys for your help. I’ll update you once the new SIM card arrives. He said it would take anywhere from 5 to 10 days. I am highly optimistic! Love you, RW!!! :heart_eyes:


TheDoctor, I went to the Rootmetrics website. I live in the middle of the untested area, haha. Thanks!

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The App I recommended showed the signal for the GSM Tower you were connected to and probably the next weaker one if found. At -141, the needle was in the solid red … effectively verifying the total lack of a usable signal that you experienced.
At about -95dBm users will begin to experience cell problems, call drops etc
Example: My Moto X Pure currently show -122 dBm (and 1 bar) … I constantly have the problem that occurs when the WiFi goes into Doze mode and Republic has to route calls to me via cell and they occasionally drop or go to Voicemail… I overcome this by the method that @Billg outlined in Are your calls coming in on Cell or going to voicemail when your phone is sleeping?


As I promised here’s the update. I got the new Sim card from RW. The new CDMA card is working! I still have a weak signal just as I did with the Moto 2nd gen, but that’s because RW’s coverage in my area is not great yet. Somehow I got in my inbox an article by jben, on how to tweak my router. I managed to disable my SIP ALG (very proud of myself), so I expect to get better wifi calls. I use the Whatsapp app to make international calls to my family, and I experience a lot of delay on the calls. Do you guys know of any better apps to use for international calling? I have a Netgear WN2500 router. This might not be the best router for voice calls. Any help will be appreciated!


Congrats on making SIP ALG go away :star_struck:

  • @rolandh a fellow Ambassador (user) has published Adding International Calling to a Republic Phone
  • The Netgear looks like it is classified as a ‘Range Extender’, normally there would be a router involved. Often this is a Modem/Router provided by your ISP that is connected directly to your cable. Range Extenders by design will cut your speed to less than 50% of what was available at the router.
    • Could you check and see what else you may have in the way of network equipment, and post back who is your ISP (Internet Service Provider)

My service provider is Hughes net. We are looking into getting Spectrum…I have a Cisco SPA 122 ATA with router ( I’m copying what it says on it). By the way, I made an international call with WhatsApp after tweaking the Netgear, and the difference was tremendous. No delay. Not perfect but a world of difference.

Hughes net as it the Satellite folks, so you have apparently overcome many hurdles that others have had less success. I am not familiar with Cisco’s SPA 122 ATA, but from looking at the spec sheets etc, it appears it’s a ATA (Analog Telephone Adapter) and supports 2 phone lines. These would be POTS and have nothing to do with the Republic Cell/WiFi …(added for others viewing, as I am sure you knew that before I read the specs a few minutes ago)
The ATA/Router would need a Access Point attached to provide the WiFi and that would be your WN2500.
Not sure how you connected it to the Cisco device, but this link to Netgear, appears to be how it could have been done. Used as an Access Point instead of a Range Extender would eliminate my ‘dislike’ for Range Extenders
If it works, I am not advocating change … just passing along info as I learn with you
If you go with Spectrum, try to insist on a Router other than their Spectrum-Charter using Sagemcom F@ST 5260 router prevents users from making WiFi calls as other user have had problems with these

I read the link on how to make international calls with RW. While those are valid ways, you have to pay for the service, as cheap as they might be. I’m still trying to get my service even cheaper, so using Whatsapp or messenger and others, the calls are totally free. Can’t blame a girl for trying. As far as the wifi connection goes, we used the instructions that came with the Netgear. We are all technically challenged at home, but we still try. I remember my housemate being on the phone with customer service several times to optimize, so something may be different. jben, thanks for all your help. I’m definitely better off today than when I started this process. Thank you and all the others that contributed in solving my issue. :hugs:


I’m happy to hear your WiFi experience is improving. You’re in more capable hands than mine on that with @jben.

I certainly don’t blame anyone for wanting to keep expenses to a minimum. I would, however, like to point out (for others reading who may not know) using WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, etc. for making international calls is free only if the other side of the conversation is also using those apps.


Rolandh, You are 100% right, and the other side is using the same app.

As far as being in more capable hands with other people, my impression is
that each and every one of you have different strengths, and bounce off of
each other to selflessly give us, the less capable people, the guidance we
need. It is people like all of you that make my life easier. I enjoy
reading the articles, and watch you guys push the boundaries and come up
with better ways of doing things. Keep it up! :hugs:


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