No data service even though I'm paying for 3gigs!

What phone do you have?
Moto XT1687
What plan are you on?
Unlimited Talk text & 3 gigs data
Does your plan include data, or just talk & text?
Includes data, I’m paying for data, but in two months I haven’t had access to it at all! And it’s so frustrating that I can’t just call the company and tell them to either fix it or take the data off. I just took out the sim card and started using Straight Talk, because I can’t go without data! But it’s not fair that I’m paying for something I never got and can’t use, for 2 months now!!

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Hi @sarahv.di6zwc!

Sorry to hear about your issue! What exactly is happening? Do you have cell service? Is there an exclamation mark by the cellular strength indicator?



Sorry to hear of your issues.
Though, there are multiple options available you could have made use of as soon as u noticed you were having issues to help resolve your issue.

U can open a ticket at anytime right in the R.W. app.
Or search the Help Center for answer.
Or post here in the Community Fourms for help, as u are now.

Some basic settings to check first:

In the Android Settings menu check on:
Mobile Data and Roaming toggles turned on.
Data saver off.
Data Limit off.
In the Republic Wireless app, Settings > Data tools. Data Freeze option is off.

Also, try a VOIP Reset" Dial *#*#8647#*#* and be sure to reboot.


Hi @sarahv.di6zwc,

Thanks for bringing your concern to our Community. We certainly don’t want you paying for something that you cannot use. I see that our Community members have started trying to troubleshoot with you, but they would need your answers and participation if they are to help you solve this.

I’ve reviewed your ticket history, and don’t see any tickets during this two months you’ve been unable to use data. We would always be glad to help, but we don’t know there’s a problem unless you tell us. I do see that you opened a ticket about the same time you posted here, and I’ll respond to that ticket. I think I see what the problem is, and it should be an easy thing to fix.

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