No data usage shown in the Republic Wireless app



Still one update behind but it finally shows my new plan. Still doesn’t tell me data usage (and I’ve used almost 150mb)

Problem with Republic Wireless "My Data" App
Republic Wireless App Update: Version
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Republic Wireless App Update: Version

Got the newest and STILL cant see data usage on a Moto G4 Plus.


Same here. Using Nexus 6P, it started after I upgraded to Oreo 8.1
I’ve tried clearing the system cache, clearing the rw app cache, restarting, and uninstalling/reinstalling the rw app…


You are not alone. I’m seeing similar results. Have you tried restarting your phone. The cell data meter moved all of one MB for me when I did so. The reality may be this particular bug wasn’t intended to be squashed by this update.


From the screenshot, I would guess you have a 1GB of data, the bar underneath that shows 0 MB actually shows a bit of usage as it shows the icon for Facebook, Chrome etc …tab the bar and it will show some usage … the actual amount shown may not be 100% accurate until you have accumulated a bit of usage … mine was wonky until I did a Speedtest and kicked it up a bit (not sure if that was it or a few days of settling) it now appears accurate


I’ve used 159mb. Definitely enough to show up. I’ve also restarted, cleared cache


I know it doesn’t help your situation, but the app reports data usage well for me on my Moto X Pure. I mention this only in case the bug is device-specific. It might help to narrow things down somewhat.


I too am showing no data usage in the Republic Wireless app. I am on the latest version and the problem appears to have started (even with the old app version which was working fine before) when the new plans were released.


I’ve moved this conversation from our announcement as some members had made this observation on the previous 3.17 release as well. Having the conversation in a thread of its own will help our Community focus on the topic.


does not show anything on my s6 and s7. just a blue and green ring running around the outside of the circle where the amount should be…
going into setting and looking at data usage shows what it has used… just not showing up in the RW app…


Same problem on a Moto G4 with latest RW app - see about 60MB used in system settings, but 0 in RW app.


Blah… Still no data usage show on my wife’s g4+. At least my phone keeps track until this gets fixed. E4+ is working though.


got it to show data usage,
had to turn off wifi and burn some cell data,
downloaded app from play store over cell.
then it showed up
turned wifi back on…
now working
maybe this might point support to where to look for bug…


Hi @nathanb.puhlyv,

I doubt this is what solved it, because we have seen examples where people are using cellular data, but the app is not reporting any use.

This. This may be what did it. Not that you downloaded over cell, but possibly just the act of removing the app from the phone and installing it anew may have caused the app to sync with our servers and begin reporting data usage correctly. Rebooting the phone between uninstall and re-install is a good measure to take, too. I’d love to see some other folks with no data usage showing in the app give that a try and let us know.

I’m seeing other examples where it started working on the billing cycle date, and if that experience remains consistent, then it will eventually fix itself for everyone.


just to clear things up a bit.
uninstalling the RW app and downloading / installing again did not fix the problem

what I was saying and left out info.
was after turning off wifi, I downloaded tunein app and streamed some 1940s radio uk
stopped the stream and then opened up the RW app and it now showed data uasage, as before showed nothing
so turned wifi back on
and now the cell data usage display is working…

at any rate, 2 and 1/2 percent, the RW app has some strangeness that has been around for sometime…


So you uninstalled and reinstalled the app, followed by using some data, and then saw the data usage correct itself?


reinstalling the rw app did noting for it.
only after burning some cell data with wifi off did it correct itself


I’m sorry @nathanb.puhlyv, I want to make sure I’m understanding the right steps in a way others can reproduce.

So you had not used any cellular data (with Wi-Fi off) in the entire previous period of time when the app was not showing any cellular data use? It was only after using some cellular data that it began showing cellular data use. Do I have it now?


no cell data previous period, wifi on all time. phone did not go away from home, app showed no cell data usage…
but go into settings and cell data had been used during that time…
only after turning off wifi and using some cell data did the rw app show cell data usage …

sum: wifi on, rw app shows no cell data use, settings data use show cell data use during that time
turn off wifi use cell data and rw app show cell data usage.
basic: 1 GB - the 21 MB cell data that was used during the time wifi was turned off…
now shows 1003 MB cell data remaining…


Ok, thanks. Let’s see if we can get someone else with the issue to reproduce your steps.

I’ve added some additional posts to this thread from the off from the 3.17 app update Announcement, so we can better focus on the cell data reporting issue.