No data without wifi

What phone do you have? Moto G play

What plan are you on? annual 1 gb per month

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? data plus text and talk

Issue Description

When I'm away from wifi I have no data. I'm on the annual plan. My account says I have used 1.o6 gb in data. I don't see how- I don't use it much and haven't been able to for a week or so.

It appears that something used all your data allotted for the billing period. You can find instructions to determine what used data in the following help article:

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I have the same problem with my Moto G5+. On the evening of Oct 30, I watched my phone use up about 750MB of my 1GB data while Data Freeze was turned ON. No apps were running, as far as I could tell. More confusing, the Republic app was showing the data usage in the “other” category, but the usage date was Oct 23. I watched the Oct 23 “other” data increasing before my eyes 7 days later until the phone ran out and left me stranded. I needed the data to access airline, train and bus tickets, so I set my wife’s RW phone to hotspot and used her data on my phone. Not a good situation.

I put in a ticket, and received responses from RW tech support that they were investigating. So far no solution, or offer to replace the data that I lost, but didn’t use. I’m sure that their support department is very busy now with upcoming changes, but they need to address this problem.

I am seriously considering leaving RW, but with the new programs being announced next month, I’ll probably stay around until then.

Thank you for your input David. Maybe it will help me in making my point.

Hi @davidw,
I’m sorry I didn’t see this before.

Our Help Team isn’t wrapped up in the coming changes, except that they’ll have some additional training. They remain focused on serving our members.

They appear to have misunderstood the intent of your ticket, and I apologize for that. There is a bug under investigation where we see data consumed even when Data Freeze is enabled. This seems to be new behavior after a recent Android update, and it may not be something we can fix. I’m sorry to see that our agents thought that by adding your ticket to that bug’s master ticket, your issue would be quickly addressed.

I’m working on your ticket and will have a reply to you there in a few minutes.

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Hi @raymac,

It looks like there’s a lot going on in your Help Ticket, so I’m not going to get involved there. I’ve seen some Community members recommend a specific app that shows them where their data is going.

I’ve never used Glasswire, but perhaps someone who has used it can comment on whether it might be useful here.

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I find Glasswire helps give the estimated usage details that were formerly available. I had another spike this week (Google again) so I turned off background data for the Google app AND deactivated Google Assistant. Most recent theory is Google assistant is the culprit. As an aside, I had been reluctant to turn background data off for Google App" because I had/have no idea what that encompasses. But one of the community experts tells me it’s okay to turn it’s background data off. So far, all is well functionally.

I had told assistant to do one thing on the spike day (set an alarm for 11:30). Soon afterward, I noticed the data data spike. Thing is, I believe I was connected to wifi when I interacted with assistant. But … I have become more suspicious of Google apps and their data usage in general.! Here’s and example of Glasswire details.

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