No email sent after assigning phone


When I assigned my wife’s name and email to her phone, the RW website says it sent an email to her but it never arrives. Have tried it multiple times over a few weeks. Still no email. Thanks in advance. Rich


Hi @richardb51,

If you need the password so she can sign in, please use the “forgot password” tool (even though you didn’t forget).

I’ll let someone know the assigned-user E-mail is not sending. Thanks for letting us know.


Thanks southpaw. Does she need to set up her own account first? Or are there other instructions when she finally gets an email?
She’d really like to start using Republic Anywhere on her pc.
I’ve gone through the procedure for my phone and never received an email either.
Thanks, Rich


She won’t need a separate account. By setting her up as a user, she’ll be able to sign into Anywhere. She’ll also have some limited Account permissions:
Secondary users can:

Change their name
Change their email address
Request a number transfer
View their usage
View their call history
Open Help requests

She will not be able to make any account changes that would result in charges being billed to the Account.

Once she has the username (her E-mail address) and has set up her password, she’ll just use that info to sign into Anywhere on her PC.


Thank you.
Is there any word on why emails aren’t coming through the “Assign Phone” procedure?
Is there another way to allow her access to her own Anywhere account on her pc?


Hi @richardb51,

I don’t think we’ll get word back on the “why.” If something is broken about sending that particular E-mail, they’ll fix it as time allows, but they won’t report back on any process errors and repairs.

I’m not sure what you are asking about another way. Is she still having trouble signing in on the PC? Did the “forgot password” tool not work, either?


Success with the “Forgot password” method.

Thank you southpaw!


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