No excuse for poor service

My cell service has been out for days. No notification from this company, no update to my ticket from 2 days ago, and still no service. There is no excuse for this poor business practice. I am fed up with this millennial driven online service of kids who have no business sense whatsoever. Not having cell service in an emergency situation is beyond failure by this company. Switching to reliable and dependable Verizon. I would never recommend this company to anybody.

Hi @johnm.wm2kja,

I just looked in on your ticket and it had a response within the first half hour after you sent in the request. I’m sorry to learn that you were unable to view that response.

Our technicians are working with the cellular carrier to restore service to your phone, and I’ve let them know you are awaiting an update on the matter.


You are wrong. Don’t confuse the date of my original ticket with my help chat session two days later when I demanded this be escalated and she maybe “escalated” to you at that time. Is that what you mean by response time?!! You had two days and did nothing and I still had no service into the next day. I don’t care about your help desk ticket clicks. I was out of data service for 4 days.

Hi @johnm.wm2kja,

I haven’t confused the chat with the ticket. The ticket itself had a response from one of our Experts within 30 minutes.

As it turned out, the issue was far more complex than Expert advice or even our technicians and engineers could resolve and it had to be escalated to the carrier partner. Those situations, while uncommon, do take longer to resolve.

Has your service been restored at this time?


So knowing this is extremely complex, difficult to resolve, escalated to the other carrier of the tower for a lack of service, you provided NO notification to the customer?

What could possibly be your poor excuse? There is none! You failed an important part of providing a service to your customer.

You have proved my point that you have poor service and are unreliable. Customers need to learn this and this is why my comments are in this community forum.

Thank you @johnm.wm2kja,

Your comments are welcome in our Community, because we use them to improve our service. I hope others will chime in to let us know if they have experienced similar silences in their tickets.

I’m not here to make any excuses, just to be sure that our members get the help they need. It seems that somewhere along the course of your ticket, you were not seeing our replies.

Your ticket had a response within 30 minutes of your submitting it. Once we respond to a ticket, we depend on the member to let us know whether the issue is resolved or persists. We did not hear back from you on that ticket for 2 days. This makes me wonder whether you are receiving E-mail from us at the account on file. It’s possible the E-mailed messages were not received.

Once you did let us know the issue had persisted, you were notified of the escalation within three hours of that escalation.


Southpaw, this is a perfect example of an organization that lacks the tools to succeed. You constantly blame something else and never accept responsibility.

You continue to deny and say “WE answered the ticket” We We We!!

You are still fighting the customer and denying culpability! I am tired of reading that it wasn’t your fault, you clicked on the ticket, etc. You did NOT address the request and resolve the issue. Stop already and learn something from successful companies who can investigate the cause and find the weakness. I was out of service for 4 days. YOU are my wireless provider, stop diverting responsibility.

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