No help on help ticket


I would like to say I got no help on my phone issue, data counter did not roll over new data. Waited 3 hours and no help??


I’m sorry to hear this, though depending on ticket volume the expectation of a 3 hour turnaround might be a tad aggressive. May we know if the issue is continuing for you? Is today your bill cycle date? Additionally, there was a maintenance window this morning that might have impacted you.

If the issue is still impacting you, would you be willing to share your ticket number? With that, I can inquire with staff on your behalf.


It was 3 hours and some reason the data counter is up to the proper amount


Again, I’m sorry for the lack of response to your help ticket and for the experience. That said, I’m very happy to hear your phone is now behaving as expected. I do believe you were impacted by this morning’s maintenance window as was one of the phones in my household. Like your phone, that phone is now behaving as expected.


Hi @josephs.humgw3,

Our help ticket response time is not meant to be instant like a chat. We try to prioritize tickets so that the most urgent issues, where a phone is unable to call and text would receive our most immediate attention. A ticket concerning the accuracy of the data counter in the Republic app would not be prioritized as an urgent issue.

I’m glad to see your situation appears to be resolved, and I apologize that we did not meet your expectations.