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Hi, I use Moto X4. Suddenly all of the Apps Icons are gone from my home screen. No “contacts” icon, no “Messaging”, no apps to click on. Also I keep getting a message asking if I want to use “Messaging Home” for something. I have no idea what that’s about. How do I get my icons back on the Home Screen, so I can go to “contacts”, “Messages”, “Messaging”, etc. ??? The solid circle and left arrow at the bottom do return to home screen, but the app icons are gone. Thanks much for any help.

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Hi @charleswm
Open the Settings app and use the Search function to search for the word Home. Tap that and see if Google Home is an option there, or tell us what options you do see.



Hi Southpaw,
Thanks much!
This is resolved. In settings / home / I chose “Moto” instead of “Messaging Home” and my screens reverted back to normal with all the previous app icons. THANKS SO MUCH !!! …



My Moto X4 is set to “Messenger Home”. I want to change the setting to “Moto Home” because that setting puts a convenient circle on the home screen including the date/time. Does anyone know how to change this to “Moto Home”? Thank you …



Thank you I found the answer. Finding the “Home App” while in “Messaging Home” setting was a little more complicated. Thanks again for your help!

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There are 2 “Home” options on my Moto X4, “Moto Home” and “Messenger Home”. I’m using Moto Home because there is always a large circle containing Time in big letters, and Day/Date, very nice and convenient.

Messenger home doesn’t show that info at all and also it makes top half of the home page not available for icons or any use.

Question: A few times a day I get a message (somewhat like a warning) saying to choose “Messenger Home” as the default. Does any one know about this. Or who produces “Messenger”? Thanks much.



Correction: The 2 choices in my Home menu are “Moto App Launcher” and “Messenger Home”. Thanks much!



Sounds like somehow this got installed on your phone: Were you maybe trying to download Facebook Messenger or something like that and got it instead? You should be able to uninstall it from the phone and stop the message you’re seeing. Next time you could also make sure that Moto App Launcher is selected and select “Always” and you’ll stop getting prompted as to which launcher you want to use each time you hit the home button.

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Thanks louisdi !



“Moto Home” puts a nice big circle on the home screen with the time in big numbers and also the day/date.
In the very top of the circle it says “Add Cities”. Does anybody know what that means? Thanks much …



Hi louisdi,

I don’t think I want to un-install “Messenger” because i believe it’s how I get important text messages. Do you know how to get it to stop telling me all day that it should be my “Home” app? It’s message starts: “Action Required” but I don’t think that’s true. Thanks so much …



That Messenger App should not be how you get your text messages. This should be your test messaging app:



Yes, I guess it’s the FaceBook messenger app that is sending these messages. Lots of messages do come through it also, though not as important as the text messaging app. Maybe one day it just stop sending the same “urgent” message every day. Thanks for your help …



If you “add cities” it will display the city weather info on top of the time within the circle.

See here for additional info (The article is G5+ but the widget behavior should be same for X4),6720,10165



Looks like you have downloaded the messenger home launcher, as @louisdi shared above
You will be able to delete that app without effecting either the regular messages app or the Facebook messenger app. If you swipe up from the bottom of your home screen to open the app drawer, you will be able to find it labeled as messenger home. It is the one to the far right in the photo below. Hold your finger on it and drag to the top where it will say uninstall.

You will also be able to uninstall it in the Play Store after opening the link above.



Thanks so much, GrandBobby. How simple … but I didn’t know it. :slight_smile: I guess that’s handled.


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