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Today when I tried to call while on wifi, I got the following message: “No Internet calling account; There are not Internet calling accounts on this phone. Do you want to add one now?” I’m not at all sure what this means. And to be clear, I can still receive calls on wifi, and I can both make and receive call if I turn off wifi, so it is not like my Republic wireless account is deactivated

This may stem from a previous problem. Over the last few days when I came home and connected to my home wifi, a notification popped up in my notification area, something to the effect that “You have lost connectivity because…”, and I could never read the rest of the notifications. The first time this happened, I rebooted the phone and the message went away. The next time, I realized that it was the phone app generating the message, and I cleared the app cache, and the message went away. Last night it popped up, and there was no cache to clear, but I cleared the app data, and the message went away. But, I think it also wiped out some account information that is needed for making wifi calls.

When I select OK to add an Internet calling account, it lists an SIP account (it looks like a bunch of random letters), and below it says “Primary account. Account registration unsuccessful: Check the server name.”

My phone is a Moto E (1st gen) running Android 4.4.4 (and I cannot, and am unwilling to update the OS).

Do I need to “reactivate” the Internet calling account somehow, or do I need to add a different account, and if so, what would that look like? When I select that account, it asks for a username, password, and server name (the UN and server are filled in with what looks like random letters). If this is the correct server, etc, then I am not sure what password should go here (the one used to log into this help forum?).

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As you seeing information that appears to be coming from Republic and are on a Legacy phone/plan and running downlevel Android OS, the best advice I can suggest is to Open a Ticket and work with the support team.

Actually, I just tried something very simple now that seems to have worked. I dialed *#*#8647#*#*, and then rebooted the phone. In any case it seems that I can now make wifi calls again.

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That was “star hash star hash 8647 hash star hash star”. Not sure why in the previous post it stripped out the star.

Hi @glenns.s81qdx,

I’ve never heard of that specific error you mentioned, but the code you dialed fixes a variety of Wi-Fi calling issues. I’m glad you thought to give it try!

Hi @glenns.s81qdx,

What you describe strikes me as Android’s built-in SIP client, which can be used to make Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) calls over WiFi via third party services. All versions of Android have this SIP client built-in, however, in many cases it’s either hidden or disabled by the manufacturer.

Republic does use SIP and VoIP for the WiFi portion of its blended service, however, Republic manages this via its app. Your intuition to try refreshing the Republic credentials was perfect.

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Good thinking … any chance we could enlist the community and Republic to see if there is a way you could clean up your Moto E (1st Gen) so you can enjoy a bit more time on it (and possibly upgrade the OS)?

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