No internet connection with cell


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Moto X
3GB data plan plus cell phone

Issue Description

I am unable to connect to the internet when on the cell network. Started yesterday. I am only at 218MB data usage for this month. Please help.

My Apps are not getting internet connection
My Apps are not getting internet connection
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My Apps are not getting internet connection


Can you check a couple things:

  1. With WiFi Turned off, open your Republic app and select the signal bars option in upper middle.
  2. Verify you show you are connected to a a 3G or LTE signal, if not what do you see? Cell Strength with Exclamation point? Please note that if you have WiFi on you will only see a signal strength indicator, without the 3G or LTE
  3. Select Cell Data
  4. Make sure cell slider to allow cell data is turned on
  5. Make sure whichever app you are trying to use is allowed by the Republic app for using cell data by having its slider turned on.

Edit: If you have a 3.0 plan, check this: How to Turn on Cell Data in the 3.0 Republic Wireless App – Republic Help

Checklist - Phone Info E/G/X CDMA devices not on 'My Choice' 3.0

I rebooted my phone and it appears to be OK now.


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