No internet on cell since changeover

In the past few weeks since the change to Dish I had no internet connection when away from wifi, although phone calls work. My husband and I both have Moto x4, his internet works on cell at the same time and place where mine does not. My cell icon will have an “x” in it. I notice this on interstate driving trips.

Hi @rojo,

I believe what you’re seeing has to do with the data subscription with the cellular carrier failing to renew. I can refresh it, but the carrier is currently in a daily maintenance mode, so I will need to take care of it during normal business hours.

Hi @rojo,

I’ve looked at the cellular subscription for the phone associated with the account you used to log in, and I’m not finding the issue I was expecting to see, based on your description. However, I also see only one service line on the account, which makes me wonder if I’m looking at your husband’s account rather than the account where your phone resides.

Would you mind sharing only the last 4 digits of your phone number?


Sorry for the confusion. My wife’s phone (…3055) is the one with the problem.
Mine (…4914) works on cell.

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Hi @rojo,

I found your wife’s account and am not seeing the issue I was expecting, which is an issue the applied to members with billing dates around the 14th of the month. Everything looks good as far as her account and the cellular subscription.
Did you try refreshing the Republic Activation as @jben suggested?
Have you tried resetting the network settings? (This will cause you to lose all saved WiFi passwords).