No Internet over WiFi

I can connect with cell, I can use my iPad and MacBook on WiFi, my wife’s Motorola works with WiFi, but my iPhone gets no Internet when connected to my WiFi.
I get poor internet connection occasionally, but usually nothing.

Good Morning @itsdean,

Given Republic’s iPhone beta service (unlike its generally available Android service) is purely cellular, I don’t believe Republic would be involved in the mix. That said, you mention your WiFi.

Have you tested the iPhone on other WiFi? If so, what are the results?

Getting back to your WiFi, have you tried power cycling (turning off then back on) both your iPhone and network equipment (router and/or modem)? I understand other devices are happily connecting to that WiFi, however, it’s not unusual for one device to have a disagreement with the same network. Often power cycling resolves that disagreement.


I cycled power on my phone, me wifi router, and my cable modem. I did get an ok connection at one point but now there is nothing. It had been working so well. Do you think a factory reset would help?

Hi @itsdean,

I wouldn’t go that far just yet. Do you experience the connectivity issue on WiFi networks other than at home?

I haven’t been anywhere with WiFi since the trouble started. I can try later today.

Hi @itsdean,

Understood. I do suggest we get an idea if the issue is specific to your WiFi network or the iPhone before trying further troubleshooting.

I’m on another WiFi network and getting 1 Mbps upload speed

Hi @itsdean,

An iPhone should be able to do better than that unless the network you’re connected to is crowded or otherwise slow. You might try resetting your IPhone’s network settings as follows:

Go to Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings. This also resets Wi-Fi networks and passwords, cellular settings, and VPN and APN settings that you’ve used before.

As mentioned, you would need to manually reenter the APNs as you did when first setting up your iPhone for Republic’s beta. More on that is linked here: (iPhone BETA) Getting Started – Republic Help. After the network settings reset, start with step 19.

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Almost everything is working. Download speeds of 20 Mbps, but most video streaming still won’t start. No Netflix or Disney+ . YouTube does work. Very odd. Everything works on my MacBook.
The essential are working video would be nice but that may be a separate issue

The streaming was a separate issue with my vpn, which should not be on. My error. It looks like I’m good to go.
Thank you

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Good Morning @itsdean,

I’m happy to hear all the good news. To confirm, did the network settings reset restore reasonable download speeds?

Yes it did, I’ll have to remember that one. Thanks again.

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