No longer getting home security update texts


What phone do you have? Moto G6

What plan are you on? My Choice + 4GB

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? includes 4GB of data

Issue Description

Since Thursday, Nov 29, 2018 after the service was brought back up and working, i have ceased to receive text messages from Xfinity Home Security regarding my alarm status. normally i get messages when the alarm is armed and disarmed, and when the alarm is triggered. We have been using the alarm system as normal but i have not gotten the texts. The other people signed up for notifications via email are still receiving those and i can receive them by email as well, but i prefer text as emails get lost in my notifications.

i have removed my number from the home security setting, restarted my phone and then readded my number. still no texts. I have also installed a 3rd party texting app, TextNow, and i can receive normal texts but still cannot receive security notification texts. My speculation is that somehow when things got fixed, the short code for my home security got blocked or removed as i know few years ago RW had issues with short codes.


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