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There used to be a tab for voicemails in my phone app. Now there is not. I never touched any setting related to this, and I have searched for settings in the phone app that may have been reset by an update but can’t find anything. Voicemail is on in the settings. My voicemail is set up with Republic. I can access my voicemails by calling (pressing and holding 1 on the keypad, entering my pin). I get the notification when there is a new voicemail, I double tap it, it takes me to the phone app, but has nothing to play for me. What happened to my visual list of voicemails?


See voicemails listed in your Phone app

On some phones, you can see your voicemails listed in your Phone app. Not all carriers offer this feature.

Turn on visual voicemail

  1. Open the Phone app phone.
  2. At the top right, tap More More.
  3. Tap Settings and then Voicemail .
  4. Turn on Visual voicemail .

If T-Mobile USA is your mobile service provider, you can also get transcripts of your voicemails.

Turning off visual voicemail deletes the recordings from your Phone app, but your carrier might keep a copy of the recordings.

See a list of your voicemails

  1. Open the Phone app phone.
  2. At the top, tap Voicemail Voicemail notification. If you don’t see “Voicemail,” call your voicemail instead.

Tip: To share the voicemail audio recording, expand the voicemail. Then tap Send to and then and then the app you want to use.

No “Visual Voice-mail” or “Transcript” option exists for me in the settings on my Pixel XL.
The VMs show up fine in the VM tab of dialer though.
When I was using my Nexus 5X for a short time, there was a notification to enable Visual VM, but it hung and got stuck at activating and never went away. (there is other threads on that). But VMs still showed up to play in the dialer app fine.

Also, since R.W.s CDMA partner is Sprint, I was on Sprint and they do not support VVM, only on very select of their own branded devices and with their own app. GSM partner Tmobile, on the other hand, supports native VVM and thus they show up in the dialer app no issue.
So, I would guess that if a R.W. user is on the CDMA partner, they would not have any VVM in dialer at all?

There is no Turn on Visual Voicemail option in the phone app settings. There is only Settings>Voicemail>Notifications On/Off and Settings>Voicemail>Advanced Settings. There is no “Turn on Visual Voicemail.”

I’m only talking about Visual Voicemail as a list of playable items in the phone app, not the transcript feature (my republic wireless phone has never had that feature and I don’t really want it). Up until about a month ago, my phone app showed me the list of voicemail that could be played back. Now, that list is gone. Trying to figure out what happened to that list of voicemails so that I don’t have to call voicemail (pressing and holding 1, entering pin).

The list of playable voicemail messages is Visual Voicemail. And it should just auto enable and just work in the default Google Dialer on any tmobile based MVNO (so I have read). However, if you use a custom dialer, (or Samsung has their own default app on their phones), then it may be different.

But I believe, the Moto X4 uses the standard Google dialer, does it not?

Have you tired a Refresh of the R.W. Activation and a reboot?

If that doesn’t help, try Clearing the System Cache.

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Perhaps you should open a help ticket:

For the sake of closure, @jbyram has let me know that a subsequent update to the phone restored the visual voicemail tab. :southpawpoms:


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