"No Network Connection" on lock screen; building a solution with Macrodroid?

OK. Here is the information from the latest event. The Battery Optimization was off for MacroDroid.

I think I have tried all the variations you suggested. Let me know if you have other ideas.

ok, thanks … I need to take a break … we are in the middle of changing out a bunch of dumb switches to smart ones (at this point they are smarter than I am)

@jacklone did you come up with a fix? I’ve had the same issue for weeks.

No fix yet. I think I am on to something promising, but I have to do some more testing. Stay tuned.

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Good to see one of us thinks they are making headway … I honestly haven’t had any luck on figuring out a variation that would make it work for you, but haven’t given up either :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, what I thought was working last night is, in fact, not working. I am stumped.

So we’re still peeling back the onion one layer at a time … so goes troubleshooting :frowning:

  • What did you prove didn’t work? Please share, as that can sometimes be very valuable information

I thought turning off Battery Optimization for Google Connectivity Services might have an effect, but no cigar. Another poster said they turned off Battery Optimization for all the apps and still had the problem.

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It came back… Lost service triangle… Now what?

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Did you load and test the macro I built and published in this other discussion?

I’ve only loaded the step by step as per your email to me yesterday…

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