No new Republic phone will let me transfer my old number?

I have an ancient Moto e 1st version that I’d be OK with, but the audio keeps crapping out one way or another, making it almost unuseable. So I decided to go for a new phone but find when I plug in my number, it says it can’t be transferred to any new phone in the Republic lineup. Can’t believe this. Don’t want new business cards and have to notify dozens of clients, etc. What if I find a used phone, same as my current one? Any advice, please.

Numbers can ALWAYS be moved between Republic Android phones. The number checker, as indicated on that page is used only when “Switching to Republic”. The process of moving your number to the new phone is a simple selection made during activation of the new phone.

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Oh! (duh) --thanks! I thought it was a bit strange if that had’ve been the case.

So I can safely jump on a new Moto and transfer everything. Great!


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