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I just purchased a Moto G6, an upgrade from my Moto G1. On the old phone, if I did not answer a text, I would get a notification at regular intervals for a period of time until I acknowledged the text. I don’t get that now on the G6. Am I missing something? The G6 is running Android 9, the old phone was running Android 5. Also, using Republic Anywhere as my SMS client.

Hi @donaldm.l2akk1 - We upgraded from Moto G1s to Moto G6s and really enjoy the newer phone. But we do miss the notification LED. See if this document answers your question.

I miss the light also, but the phone used to emit a sound if I didn’t acknowledge a text within a certain amount of time. That I really miss because, unlike a lot of people, I do not carry my phone around with me constantly.

We get a notification sound when a text first arrives but it does not repeat in a certain amount of time. Don’t recall any setting for a function like that on our Moto G6. We have set custom text notifications sounds for certain people so we don’t even have to look at the phone to know who sent a text.

Some of the improvements are good…some not so much.

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There are 3rd party apps you can try. I can’t personally vouch for any of these, but here are a couple that have good ratings in the play store:


I tried the first one and it seems to work. Thanks for the tip.

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