No option to Transfer My Number when I sign into My Account


I am following steps in “How to Transfer Your Number to Republic Wireless.” It is a second phone assigned to another family member. In step 3, Change My Number is an option, but Transfer My Number is not. Do I need to open a help ticket with RW?



is the number you want to transfer currently on another Republic line, or with another carrier?

If its with another carrier, follow this guide:

Step one asks you to check to be certain the number can be transferred.

If you are wanting to transfer a number over that is with Republic already, let us know, as those steps are different.



I want to transfer the number from another carrier. It is still active with that carrier. I have already checked that is a number that can be transferred.



So when you log in to the account that you think the phone is activated on, do you see that phone listed?



Yes, the phone is listed. I click on the green bar, “I want to…” There is no option labeled, “Transfer My Number.”



I just read your original post. You said the phone is “assigned” to another family member. You will need to unassign the phone. Then you should be able to do the number transfer.

Here are steps for that:



I bought this phone (phone #2) one year ago and deactivated it for a few months. Before I deactivated it, I transferred the phone number on it to my phone (phone #1), because it had an in-state area code and mine did not. I reactivated phone #2 about 20 days ago.



Did you " assign" the phone to the user though? If so, click on the link I just sent and go through the Steps Under Assign a Phone to “unassign” it. You won’t be able to do the number transfer when it is assigned.



I clicked on the green bar, “I want to” under my name and my phone. It too does not have the option to “Transfer My Number.” I might be wrong, but Idon’t think the problem is that the phone is assigned to another name.



I logged into My Account for the user of phone #2, the one for which I want to process a transfer. It has a different email address associated with it. (I could not find a way to change the name associated with phone #2 without setting it up with a separate email address.) The option to Transfer My Number was available for phone #2 when I logged in with the other email address. Problem solved.

If in the future I want to transfer the phone number from phone #3 with another carrier, I will have to find out how to do that, because Transfer My Number is not available when i login to My Account with my initial (main) email address. Anyway, that is a future problem.



Under the Green I Want To bar do you see Assign User?

Click on that and see if you see the option to Remove User.



Ok, that makes sense. You would have to be logged in to the account that the phone is associated with in order to make this change.



Yes, Remove User is available for phone #2 when I click on I Want To for that phone. But I can do the transfer without removing the user for phone #2.

I see your 2nd reply, “Ok, that makes sense.” I think we have it solved. Thank you.

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To summarize, I have (2) phones and (3) My Account logins. One login is for a master My Account which lists both phones, but does not have total control to do everything when I click on the “I Want To” green bar for either phone. For example, under this master My Account, when I click on “I Want To” for either phone, I can select “Change My Number” but I do not have the option to “Transfer My Number.”

The other (2) My Account logins are for one phone each. I don’t know if it must be set up this way, but it was the only way I could find to assign a phone to each of (2) different family members. When I login to My Account for one phone and click on the “I Want To” green bar, “Transfer My Number” is one of the options. The other option is “View Calls & Messages.”

I successfully submitted to transfer (port) my number from a phone currently active with another carrier to my RW phone #2. I will be able to do the same process in the future for phone #1 is desired.

Thank you, Michelle. Problem solved.

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