No outbound audio on Moto G Stylus

Hello I’m having the same problem. But disabling the Google mic only helps video audio. But when I call someone they can’t hear me.

Hi @xo.sebas,

This issue never affected video audio, and did not prevent the other party from hearing the caller. This issue was resolved in the Android update released a couple of weeks ago. The issue was specific to these phones on Republic Wireless’ service.

It doesn’t seem you’re having exactly the same issue.

Is your phone a Moto G Power or Moto G Stylus on Republic Wireless’ service?

I’m using a moto g stylus

It only fixed my video audio. But when I call someone and I put my phone on speaker they can’t hear me

Are you a Republic Wireless member?

I just bought this phone idk much about technology. I’m currently not using a sim card. I’m talking about instagram,messenger calls etc

I’ve moved your post to its own topic, since the issue you’re describing is not related to the “microphone sharing” issue Republic Wireless members were experiencing.

Although most of our Community members are Republic Wireless members, someone may have experience with the apps you’re describing and may have advice to point you in the right direction.

So when I call someone the mic sounds very low when I use speaker on calls

I was having the same problem with the video audio too but the disabling the Google mic fixed that

This might be better solved with Motorola since folks here really are experts in using phones with Republic’s service and Motorola is experts in their phones.

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