No phone calls over cellular

Moto x 1st Generation

Unlimited Talk and txt with 0.5 g data.

Phone calls will not come in or go out on cellular despite having adequate LTE signal. This began last week after replacing my glass over the LCD. I have updated the PRL and the Profile. I have removed and replaced the SIM card and rebooted the phone multiple times. Data and txt over cellular is fine. Phone calls, txts, and data are all fine on WIFI.

Have you tired Refreshing the Activation (VoIP Reset)

Yes, I have done that code and it works, but does not last. Is a factory reset a good idea once I have everything backed up?

U could try booting in Safe Mode. As that disables all apps. That may help determine if its an app issue.

Also try clearing system cache.

Otherwise, a full Factory Reset couldn’t hurt.
It is always good to start clean and fresh every so often.

If that doesn’t help, open a ticket so that R.W can look into your account to see if there is some issue on their end.

If that doesn’t help, then it could be a hardware issue.

Thanks for the feedback! I have an open ticket with R.W., but not much response as I have had in the past. thanks again! Could be hardware! I’ve had this phone a while.

Honestly, since this started occurring post repair, it sounds like the connection to the antenna, or some other internal issue may have occurred in the phone. It would be quite unusual for a software related issue to pop up after repair, those types of issues are almost nearly always some sort of Hardware that was damaged during the repair process.

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