No Phone Calls Over Wifi Again


I was here a few days ago when there was some type of outage and I could not make calls over wifi. Now it is happening again. Is RW experiencing another issue? I cannot find anything on the website, but it claimed there were “no problems” last week when it was failing, too.


Hi @stanleyp.ej9gro,

I’m not currently aware of any outage. Can you tell us more about what you’re experiencing? Do calls work over cell?


Wifi calling has been up and down for the last hour. Cell calls work in theory, but I do not have good reception here so they keep dropping. If there is not a wider issue, I am going to try restarting my phone. That seems to fix a lot of things.


You might try restarting your modem/router, too. Let us know.


I went ahead and restarted everything. It is working at the moment, but I will check back in if things go south again

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Sometimes if multiple restarts of router/phone are necessary to reestablish WiFi it is an indicator of some underlying problem.
A neighbor may have got a new router or changed channel, a big chair/sofa has moved, or just time on the internet and a router bug has surfaced.
You may want to take a look at Router Tweaks - Keep WiFi 1st - a Community Guide provides a Quick Start section to address some of the issues that others have seen

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