No Phone Ring Moto G4

I’ve cleared the cache three times today, installed Macro Droid per the latest forum instructions (just what I needed, another app to monitor!), spent too many hours wrestling with Priority Only, Do Not Disturb, etc, rebooted from Safe Mode multiple times, and my phone still does not ring when called. It seems to allow a half second before the ring is completely squelched. Vibration on or off seems to have no effect. Vibrate works every time if it is set to vibrate. I am too ticked and tired to try Factory Reset which would entail rebuilding too much after the reset.

Ah, for the days of a version of Android that actually worked. I’m on 7.0 and it is a real pain. At least
Android’s improvement from Hades - Doze Mode - explains why my callers have given up calling us on this phone. They left messages until that was too inconvenient. “Has anything changed since your last visit with the doctor?” “Yes, scratch that cell phone number.”

At the end of this ridiculously long and unfruitful techy day Apple is looking like the only alternative. Either that or just the land line and it’s trusty message machine (Thank ■■■ for Ooma.) I may can live without a mobile phone. That is my next workaround to all the tried and failed workarounds.

It is a handy tool for the internet, though. Oh, and the flashlight is great for transatlantic flights. It is now the best tablet I’ve ever had.

Hi @DeanInDunedin,

Please don’t factory reset, but when you’re not so tired from this, I’d love to troubleshoot it with you further. I’ll go ahead and post some thoughts, but don’t even look at them while you’re this frustrated.

This is not the same issue for which the macrodroid workaround is prescribed.

You say it does not ring when called, but it does vibrate - do you see a call screen even if you don’t hear a ringtone? Do you see one when vibrate is enabled?

Any chance the phone is paired to a bluetooth device?

Does speaker work when you try to play music?

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I have to thank Southpaw for replying to my toddler meltdown. My phone has been patched as well as it can be with the DND Timer app. If I uninstall it my phone is back to non-ringing.

If it came to having to do a factory reset I was/am going to Apple which is the antithe$is of Republic and Android.

Google/Android has known of this glaring no-ring malfunction for at least two versions of
Android and, typically Google, leaves bugs and non-working features to the apps aftermarket to fix, patch, repair. I’m guessing Android’s disappearing ring bug may be fixed in Android 13 Southern Pecan Pie.

My solution seems to have been solved by installing, trying, and uninstalling Do Not Disturb apps. The one that finally made a difference was DND Timer. I now have a phone that rings as intended as long as Priority Only is set to allow all permissions.

I was thinking MacroDroid would perhaps fix the disappearing ring if the ring is also affected by Android’s Doze mode. Though MacroDroid causes an occasional unintentional disappearing screen back to the lock screen, it has fixed Android’s doze mode fiasco.

Before the DND Timer install I did see a call drop down when a call came in to Dismiss or to Answer. It would vibrate but the ring would be cut after about 1/3 of a second despite any setting available in the pull down bar at the top of the screen.

My phone is paired to a portable keyboard, my car, desktop PC, and the TV sound bar, but I keep Bluetooth disabled all the time unless we are travelling for airline notifications, etc. and then, of course, I’m running on data instead of WiFi. I never take the phone in the car unless its for a trip to/from the airport. When I’m in my car I prefer not to be bothered by anything or anyone. I’m a radical.
The speaker always works.

I wish there was a phone running on Linux. There are some developers attempting that and for those who don’t need all the bloat that is Google/Android there may be hope. It would no doubt be mostly a basic phone with a few genuinely needed apps. It would be a bonus to those who want to ditch fixing and tuning our techie toys as a lifestyle which by necessity is today’s norm.

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I am a bit lost in all of this, to what exactly was going on…there is a lot of text there…
But I can say that in all my years of using Android phones, and being a avid alpha/beta tester and rom developer for a while, I have never experienced anything like what is described here. There is certainly no common or well known “no ring” malfunction on Android phones as a whole, that I have read about or seen reports of.

You mentioned several DND apps. Are you installing 3rd party apps that have a Do Not Disturb function of some sort? This feature is built into the OS and works very well, in my experience. I just set the times or situations i wish it to be muted or on vibrate, and it works perfectly. Installing 3rd party DND apps can conflict with the system level functions and cause you some frustration.

Sure, there are gonna be bugs and issues, but Android is a vastly fragmented ecosystem with many dozens of make and model devices and their manufactures that mess with the core OS as well as have their own hardware. Making a sweeping conclusion that Android is like that on as a whole globally, is just not accurate or indicative of the way things actually are. {I switched to using only a Nexus/Pixel phone, a Google made phone, years ago, and never looked back. No more dealing with the junk and modification that Samsung or LG etc add on to the OS. A Pixel is the “iPhone” of the Android world.}

For me, in my experience, Apple phones are just plain awful. can’t do what I want/need them to do, confusing to use, and I have had so many issues with Itunes and Apple software and hardware in my work as a tech professional and tech support…u can’t pay me enough to own and use any of their products.

There are very rare, niche, phones that run Linux or some other custom OS, but there is no support or compatibility for them in the smartphone market. Sure, u get a phone that is more secure, private, free of Apple and Google…etc…ok then…but u can’t install Uber, or Maps, or Spotify or things that 99% of the world use a smartphone for…as it stands, those niche phones have only slightly more usefulness as to a flip or “feature” phone of the past. (i actually have buddy messing with the Pine Phone. It is a long way from having a practical OS.)

Sorry to read of the frustrations you were having, and I hope they are now resolved and stay that way.

Android is Linux in the sense that it’s based on Linux. Simliarly, iOS is based on macOS, which is based on NeXTSTEP, which is based on BSD UNIX.

Perhaps not:

[There is certainly no common or well known “no ring” malfunction on Android phones as a whole, that I have read about or seen reports of.]
Southpaw has addressed this problem on this forum for other users. Also, search “Android phone no ring” in a browser’s search field. There are pages of Android users with the same problem looking for a fix.

I never download dicey apps. The four Play Store DND apps I tried were deemed safe by Norton and recommended by Google. They worked as intended but two of the four did not solve the no-ring.

I’m on Android 7. Until Android 6 my DND worked as designed and my own rule worked, as well. After 6, setting times, etc. for Do Not Disturb has no effect. My phone’s DND defaults to it’s own mystery setting preventing a ring 24/7. The good news is that an app has been a good patch.

Muchas thanks for that.

If u search for that, of course u will find nothing but problems…but i also see iphone users with same issue, it is very common thing as it is very easy to make a phone “not ring”. Cant tell u how many times my folks tell me their phone wont ring, but they some how toggled it into silent or vibrate, or turned down the ring volume too low. (that and "my printer won’t print’)

Point is, that issue can have so broad a cause and solution and there are so many different make phones and Android versions out there, most of time is user error, when u read through most of the popular threads…I do not see it as a issue specific to Android.

Having worked in a cell phone store and computer repair store for more than 10 yrs, i can tell u, all phones make and models, even Win phone, Palm, and BB, folks have had “it wont ring” issue caused by something.

That does shed some more context to things. I do recall, at some point, Google did change up how DND mode worked and even I, a tech savy person, at first struggled with the changes in how it worked or was setup differently than I was used to. DND works very well now in Android 9 and 10.

Also it is important to note, that, OEM manufactures, like Samsung, LG, Moto, may make modifications or have their own different apps and ways of doing DND or other features such as power save or things that modify system settings on their own. That is when and where things often get confusing and frustrating for the end user.

Actually, you did have the same problem as mine. I read your posts and read about Doze mode. I had no rings, or a tiny piece of one, but calls went to voice mail like your problem back in Oct. '18. Call only rings 1.5 times, then it goes to VM

Hi @DeanInDunedin,

I wonder if I’m not understanding the part where you wrote

I thought you were saying that the phone rings when in vibrate mode, but often fails to ring when it’s not in vibrate mode.

If this were the same thing @SpeedingCheetah has experienced, he would be able to duplicate the experience simply by disabling the workaround he has created and putting his phone in vibrate mode.


My phone did the issue I reported regardless of what sound mode it was in, even when in active use.

I also got no Missed call notification and no log in my phones Recent Call log.
The ONLY way i know some one called is if I had heard or seen the phone ring that 1.5 times, and/or the person left a VM, as that notification came through and displayed a few min later.

Is this the same for u?

I had two problems.
(1) I would allow/check all settings available for Priority Only. DND would hold that for a few seconds, but then the Priority Only icon would disappear and would revert back to a grayed DND icon in the pull down menu. The DND button would stay grayed. The DND button also grayed so not able to be toggled off.

(2) If vibrate was turned on it would vibrate, the drop down - not the big black screen - Dismiss or Answer would appear, but no accompanying ring or sometimes only a tiny piece of a ring. At some point in the past calls went straight to VM. I don’t know for how long or how many. Yes, vibrate did turn off if I set it but still no ring.

I think the DND function on the pull down menu is corrupted. The DND Timer app apparently has taken over the chore and properly allows and retains Priority Only and permits a ring.

I looked in Settings to see if I could upgrade to Android 9 or 10, but I can only go so far as to ask, a message appears “You’re up to date”, which is Google’s way of saying they are no longer updating beyond Android 7 for my Moto G4 Play and, hint, buy a new phone if part of this one has gone south. I’m not willing to award Google out of frustration or a dodgy OS I cannot upgrade.

Similar, I guess, but my calls were logged and it would vibrate for a call. Since I didn’t hear the calls they all went to VM. So, they did not go straight to VM as far as a I know.

I have seen this happen to folks. The phone is in vibrate mode for some reason, set by DND or my some app, or a Google Assistant Routine, Calendar event, or Car/Auto mode.

If the phone is NOT in vibrate mode, and you have confirmed that, no vibrate or silent mode icon on the top bar etc.
And, the ringer volume is set to max…and it still only vibrates…
Change the call ring tone to something else in the phones settings.
It should play a preview of the tone as u cycle through the tones.
If it does not, there the phone is muting the speaker for some reason, or a Bluetooth or headphone is plugged in perhaps (it may think a headphone is plugged in if the jack is dirty?

Assuming you are using the stock phone dialer and not a third party phone or dialer app.

Yep, I got the same thing happening (phone will not ring) with my Moto G4 Play, except…
Wifi only (airplane mode) - Never rings,
Wifi off - phone rings…

I always set airplane mode while at home, I don’t use data, and only turn it off when I need the phone service (I don’t have data, don’t use it).

Now I need to keep airplane mode off all of the time and needed to set the apps I could not to use data.

That would indicate that there is perhaps an issue with your wifi not allowing calls in if your phone truly does not ring at all when u are in airplane mode with no cell signal. Or it could be the “Doze Mode” issue.

There is no real need to do this just to save data or apps from using cell data.
If the phone is on wifi, all apps will use wifi for data by default.

You can just use the RW Data Freeze option and that will prevent any apps from using Cell data, but will allow cell radio for calls as needed. Give that a try instead.

The only time one may want to use keep a phone on wifi only, is if their home has very poor cell signal(or none at all) and wants to prevent the phone from killing battery as it constantly is trying to get better cell signal.

Solution: Settings (on the home screen)>Notifications>Settings icon (3 vertical dots)>Reset app preferences.

I had done this before but it seems to work today. Hope this is a permanent fix.

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