No phone service

when away from my wi-fi, my phone does not work. I have no cell coverags

Which Phone ?

did you buy from Republic or BYOD

what coverage does Republic pick for you Coverage Check | Republic Wireless

do you have coverage (GSM (T-Mobile) Personal Coverage Check for all BYOD and maybe when purchase a 3.0 from Republic) (CDMA(Sprint) for some phones purchased from Republic)

try rebooting the phone in a know good coverage area

Take a look at this document

Make and Receive a Phone Call

The community does not have access to your account, so the more info you can provide about your phone/plan

and any details about when the issue started, whether you have it since activation, or it came on recently would

all be helpful in directing you towards more focused troubleshooting steps.

or submit a help ticket for personalized assistance.

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