No phone signal at all only “Emergency calls only.”


Hwawei 5W

@30 3Gig data


Issue Description

Whenever I got to work place. All my friends phones have 3 or 4 bars of signal strength while my Repulic wireless Hwawei has no bar signal at all. and the message “Emergency calls only.” display. I could not receive or call out at all. It only happen in the last 4 months. I bought Motto G6 and it’s worse, returned the motto G6 and back to Hwawei 5W it works but occasionally. The republic wireless service getting nuts recently. I had the repulic wireless since 2014 plan 1 with E2 then switch to Hwawei 5W in 2017 never had problem until late 2018 turn out very bad even switched to Motto G6 still have problem. I was frustrated just because I don’t want to leave Repulic wirelsess. Would you explain why? Many friends recommended straight talk but I don’t want to change because I want to stick with Repulic wireless. Hopefully, the problem would be solved so I don’t have to change the provider.


Hi @neilp.zf7s3r,

Nor, do we want to see you leave!

Your Huawei Ascend 5W (and likely the G6 you returned) has different coverage than your old Moto E2. For more insight, may we know the zip code where you’re having this unfortunate experience?

I’ll be away from the computer for a bit, so, hopefully, someone else will jump in with potential options once we know the zip code. If not, I’ll look in later today.



@neilp.zf7s3r Good morning! Are you still looking to work with the community on your coverage issues?