No PLAY button available when retrieving voice mail

VM notification works but when I try to retrieve msg the only icons are for call, taxt, video and info/details. No PLAY icon visible.

Hi @orchidlvr If you follow the directions here: How to Listen to Visual Voicemail on Samsung Phones – Republic Help ( are you able to see the voicemail that way?

Nope. I get through step 4 but then steps 5 and 6 show no vm or play icons

also - on my screen the vm icon (cassette tape) is to the left of the contacts name or phone number not to the right of the time stamp and the 4 remaining icons are at the bottom on a horizontal line.

Hi @orchidlvr ,

Would you be able to share some screenshots for us? If you can’t do so without phone numbers being displayed, could you send them to me by private message?

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any chance i can text the screenshot to you? I took the screenshot and it is in my photos folder on the S21 but my dropbox camera upload link isnt working for some reason.

Just to kind of close the loop on this topic since others contemplating the S21 may be reading, @orchidlvr was able to send me a screenshot, which showed the following for “Step 4” of the instructions @louisdi had linked:


The next step is to tap the little image and then the :voicemail: icon that is on the next screen.

This is not a very intuitive way to get to voicemail, but this is Samsung’s interface, so we’re not able to change it.

The other option, as @orchidlvr noted in our personal message, is dialing into voicemail.

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