No registering sim card on Moto x4


We just purchased a brand new Moto x4 and we are trying to register it and it is not registering the sim card. Even though the sim card is in the phone. Please help.


Where did the SIM card come from?


Came in the new phone from Republic


Can you tell us what “not registering” means are you seeing an error in the Republic App? Something else?


Hi @timothyb.jvegtv,

Were you able to get this issue resolved? I see that you also opened a ticket on the matter, which is pending your reply.

Could you please make sure the SIM card arrived installed correctly? The gold contacts will need to face down, and the notch needs to align with the notched corner in the tray.


Still not resolved. Checked sim and it’s all scratched up. Brand new phone shouldn’t have a sim that looks so beat up.


It looks like our Help team is taking care of this for you. I’m sorry to read that the SIM card that came in the phone appears to be damaged.


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