No response from Republic?


Why isn’t Republic responding? Sent in a help request 27 hours ago regarding a problem with sim card notice on correct build phone with a Republic sim. Only received one question asking if it was a correct model number—it is.

Sent the Republic Sim number, Phone IMEI, all other pertinent information. Yes, the phone was already factory reset and has all updates. No reply from Republic Wireless so far. Why?

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I seems like Republic has dropped the ball. Anyhow, try the chat line. It’s under “create a ticket.” Make sure you let them know you have an open support ticket. Republic Help

Note you can always post your ticket number here and one of the ambassadors will contact support in your behalf.

That phone must have the correct build number too.

For Samsung Galaxy J3 (the AT&T branded version of this phone is not compatible with our service)

  • MMB29K.J320AUEU1APE9


Is the SIM card new or was it previously used by another account or service line. Used cards cannot be re-activated. Check and let us know.



It is not new on the J3.

How about for a Moto x 2nd generation that already has sim card in it?



The SIM card for the Moto X 2nd Gen is not compatible with the new Moto X 4th Gen on the 3.0 service. They us completely different network providers.



rephrasing the question. Im aware Moto x 2 and a new Samsung J3 are two different Republic type phones. The question is, can a Moto x 2nd generation be used with the original sim installed in it by Republic?



If the Moto X2 still works OK then if it has its original SIM in it it should work. I hope I am understanding this right.



Hi @karens.ljzvh2 .

I see your ticket has had some activity and I’ve followed up there, as well. Please let us know in your ticket if you have any further questions.


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