No response to help ticket over 4 hours


I have Republic. My wife’s AT&T phone died so I ordered one for her from Republic. I paid extra to have it sent overnight. When I got it I started to activate it and only then noticed the screen was cracked. I opened a ticket asking them what to do so I could get my wife set up as soon as possible. I got a response asking for a photo of the crack which I sent Within minutes. It has now been over 4 hours without any response. I have emailed, updated the ticket and sent a message buy Facebook. I can’t believe customer service is this


Hi @Njjeep,

We are experiencing a heavy ticket volume making response times slower than normal. I’m sorry the wait had added to your anxiety.

Even if we were not experiencing a heavy ticket volume, our ticketing system is not meant to be a real-time chat. An agent will research your situation and reply as quickly as possible. Is the phone usable in its current state, despite the crack? If so, perhaps you could activate it so she’s not without a phone, since she will have to wait for the phone to ship anyway.

I’ll look in on your ticket now, but please rest assured that it will be handled capably, and as quickly as possible.


The response time is totally unacceptable. I have been asking if I should continue to transfer my wife’s number to the damaged phone or wait for the replacement phone but have gotten no response.

I just got a response and they are telling me a replacement phone will take several days. However, I paid to have the original phone sent overnight. Why isn’t the replacement phone being sent overnight?


By the way, they still have not answered if I should move my wife’s phone number to the damage phone or not.

Also, I am not looking for real-time chat with help tickets but don’t you think four and a half hours is a pretty long time to respond to a ticket?


Based on my 3+ year experience with Republic Wireless, I can assure you that Republic Wireless seeks to respond to tickets as soon as possible.


Hi @Njjeep,

As I mentioned we are facing a heavier than usual ticket volume. Those aren’t just words, like when you call a call center and the recording tells you that to make you wait patiently; this is for real. Our ticket volume is very high right now, slowing our response time. We do our best to respond to tickets as quickly as possible, and I do apologize that we did not meet your expectations on this.

If the phone is usable you can go ahead and activate it and begin the process of moving the number to it.

The replacement phone will be shipped using overnight shipping, but it cannot be processed until tomorrow. I would expect to receive the phone on Thursday, barring any unforeseen circumstances.


Thank you for those responses. That is all I was seeking and don’t know why the answers weren’t given when the ticket was responded to 4.5 hours after receipt.
If RW can’t answer promptly, it can at least respond to the questions asked when a response is finally forthcoming


In my experience, before the present time of backlog, tickets are responded to within 2 business days.
This is actually quite fast compared to other companies I have dealt with.

Also note that tickets are prioritized. Meaning a ticket of a users unable to make or receive calls on their activated phone or some other serious usability service issue are first attended to. A ticket sent in under the category for an issue with an order, would be lower priority.

Often one can get much faster help via this Community Forum, however, since the majority of us here are just customers, certain things, like order issues, or account issues can only be handled by R.W staff and that is where a help ticket is needed.


All due respect, 2 days to respond to help tickets is absurd. If that is the norm at Republic, I need to return to ATT


If very fast or immediate assistance is you primary concern, then a online based company such as R.W may not be best for you.

It certainly is faster to be able to walk in to a physical carrier store and get your issue resolved in person. Or to call a 800 number and, hopefully, get an issue resolved via phone. But that is one of the sacrifices of using an on-line business.

While it is often faster, like I had mentioned, to post here, there is always going to be some process to go through that will take time. Especially when it is after business hours for the team that can actually do anything about your particular issue. R.W also offers the “Ask A Expert” which is a live chat like solution to get help from an on-line Experts that also frequent these forums.

I don’t have an ATT account so I cant tell of they have a Trouble Ticket system, however I do notice that support chat is not available for pre-paid customers and their support number is limited hours as well for prepaid service. (R.W. is a pre-paid provider so that is what I would compare its C.S. to for other companies.)

A response to a email support request or ticket support request within 2 business days(24 -48hrs) is very much the standard anywhere, in my humble experience.

Anyway, the proper person has been alerted to your issue as of now. And they will work to get it resolved as soon as possible.


I’ve been a RW customer for several months and have had a couple of issues. Help tickets haven’t taken days to answer before.


Thats a good to hear then. I have only had 2 previous tickets, before recently, and they took almost 2 days to get a response. Didn’t matter to me though, as I had my issue addressed within an hour or two of posting on here.


Ok. Tnx


Hi @SpeedingCheetah,

If an issue requires staff intervention, members should create a help ticket, and then allow a reasonable amount of time for it to be answered. “SouthPaw” cannot be seen as a way to cut in line ahead of all the other tickets that may be waiting. There are reasons for the prioritization rules that are in place. Besides, if everyone who posted in Community automatically were bumped to first in line, our Member Community would quickly devolve into a elbow-shoving list of people waving their ticket numbers for attention.

The primary purpose of our Member Community is to provide a place where members can connect to help one another with questions about our phones, our service and our policies. It is not a Fast Pass line.

I think @njjeep’s questions and concerns have been addressed. Let’s leave him be so he can get his wife’s phone activated.


Contrary to what SouthPaw stated above, my wife’s phone WAS NOT sent overnight. In fact, as per the tracking number supplied to me, the phone WILL BE shipped 2nd day air but as of right now, has not left the warehouse.

Just noting this for the record so folks thinking of using RW know what to expect.


Republic Wireless used to have great help and support complete with detailed answers.

Those days seem to be gone. I just asked them the same question a 3rd time after two different people responded with answers unrelated to my question. Maybe the third time is the charm.

Shame what has happened to their support.


Hi @Njjeep,

Thank you for bringing this to my attention. I have asked a member of our logistics team to look into why the phone shipped 2nd Day air when all instructions in the ticket, from management down to and including the reply from our agent to you, indicated it would ship overnight. I apologize that this error has extended your wait time.

I have placed a credit on your Republic Wireless account in the amount of your initial overnight shipping charge. Please let me know if there is something further I can do for you.


Southpaw, thank you for putting the credit on my account. I guess that is all you can do at this point.

My wife was not anxious to leave AT&T but I convinced her the switch to Republic Wireless would be quick and painless. So far it has been neither.

I guess I am just amazed at how poorly something as simple as starting service can be handled. I think of that saying, " you never get a second chance to make a first impression."


IMH experience of 4 yrs with RW, anything over 24 hrs for an email response is very, very unusual! And a response of 24 hrs is ■■■■ when you don’t have a working phone and any ability to actually talk with anyone.


WHY the heavier than usual help ticket volume? Not enough people? Lack of training? Product problems?