No response to help ticket

My phone can’t make calls over cell network. Help ticket 1148812 was initially responded to with a request for screen shots which I sent 2 days ago. I’ve had no response since then even though help desk said they would get right on it. My wife who uses the phone is disabled and she is afraid of driving without an operating phone. Any suggestions on how to get a response? Thank you.

Hi @rjfp!

Uh-Oh! I will see if I can notify Republic staff.


Thank you.

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No problem!

Hi @rjfp,

Thank you for bringing to our attention that you had been waiting for a response on your ticket for quite some time. A technician is looking at it now.

We are working through a heavy ticket load right now and I do apologize that you have been waiting so long for a response.

@mb2x, thank you for making sure our staff was aware of this post.

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