No ring at my end

**What phone do you have?**moto g5 plus

What plan are you on? my choice 1g

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? 1 gig

Issue Description

others report not getting thru to me with a message like that number is not in service. I never hear a ring at my end either. I do get texts so I can usually call back though I notice when I do from home and wifi that the phone often prefers to stay on cellular instead. not good as we’re in a very bad area for coverage and my cell phone rarely works when we are out walking in the neighborhood. my wife’s phone works better on cell and she often walks and talks at the same time. I can’t. so I know its some kind of setting issue that must b remedied. help please

Hi @mikek.fgmhry,

If the issue is new, it’s likely you are being impacted by the intermittent issues mentioned on Republic’s status page linked here:


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no the issue is not exactly new. calls don’t ring at my end and on the sending end they get a message" the member you are calling is unavailable. please leave a message."
also my cell often opts for cellular dialing when the wifi is present and strong. not good as I don’t have strong cellular service in the area.
thanks for you help but you’re not hitting the head yet.

This is Republic’s default voicemail recording. Have you previously changed the default voicemail recording?

Republic’s mobile app determines whether the quality of a given WiFi network is sufficient for WiFi calling. If in the opinion of Republic’s app, the network is not capable of providing a quality WiFi calling experience, the app will switch the call to cell.

I’m going to ask our resident networking expert @jben to weigh in.

thanks roland but my wifi is fine and it is fully filled but it opts for cellular. I have not changed the default voicemail recording at all either.
wondering if I"m the only person with this issue?

Hi @mikek.fgmhry,

Would you please check to see whether you and your wife both have the same type of network coverage?

You are not alone! My husband’s Moto G5 Plus has done this for about a year (beginning fall of 2020). The caller does get directed to the recording he made: “My phone sometimes sends my calls directly to voicemail, please text me if this happens to you so that I can call you back.” This has been a professional hardship. We cannot figure out the fix. Thinking through our options…but maybe help is on the way?
In case someone smarter than me is reading this: Our Moto G5 Plus is GSM, 8.1, My Choice + 1GB
Please help us!

she is cdma and I’m gsm. how to go from here?

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Hi @mikek.fgmhry,

I’m sorry for the delay in getting back to you. I thought others in the Community would reply. You’ll want to request a CDMA SIM card by following these instructions, and be sure to include the fact that your wife’s phone works where yours does not:

dear yakfam,
same phone and plan as hubby’s. same situation basically. dropped calls frequently no matter to landline or cell. a hesitation calling out at times. no ring at my end as call just goes to voice, though in the last 2 days or so, I’ve started to receive calls with a ring attached so that’s a positive development.
my moto g plus like to start calls on cell and not wifi which is bizarre when you’re 5 feet away from the router. it often disconnects from wifi enigmatically. I have gsm in my sim card and wife has cdma in hers. she’s able to walk and talk about the neighborhood and I can’t. could get another card but we spend a half yr or more in fl and my phone coverage as I recall is ok there.
think that’s about it. I do suspect that there is something off with this particular phone but I’m not expert. just interesting that your hubby is facing similar probs as me. wonder how many others with this product suffer similar stuff??

I must cry out (hopefully not cry) - this reply thread was mostly all above my head. I’m not sure if all the technical answers given did anything for our #1 problem - which is about a year’s worth of some calls going straight to voicemail.
I think mikek.fgmhry understands this voicemail issue. He asked if anyone else out there is having this problem with Moto G5 Plus.
Do we know?
Thank you.

The topic to which you’ve replied is not about any issue that has lasted a year. This topic is solely about on-again, off-again problems with calls and account functions since Saturday, September 25, 2021 when Bandwidth, a partner of Republic Wireless, began being subjected to a distributed denial of service attack.

The issue you have described, where calls go straight to voicemail without ringing on the phone and with no “missed call” notification is an issue we often see for members who live in an area with little-to-no cellular service and rely on WiFi. In order to keep this topic on track, we would need to discuss that issue separately.

The other topic where you’ve chimed in: No ring at my end would be the more appropriate place to continue the conversation about the issue you are describing.

appreciate southpaw’s efforts mind you but think he’s a bit caught up in the mechanics of the forum.
that said I think yakfam’s hubby and I have similar probs. our moto 5g plus set in a poor cell coverage area will not operate optimally. maybe his issue is also the sim card. try changing from gsm which I believe he has to cdma and c how that performs. I"m in the process of doing that myself and will post if my issues improve.
so far my cell seems to b doing better so maybe the issue posed by an intermediary service as per southpaw’s input had some responsibility.
the odd thing about these smart phones is that are often not so bright. they are supposed to b phones essentially and my experience is that they seem to b the weakest in that area.

Hi @mikek.fgmhry,

Yes, given that Southpaw is the Community Manager, she does shoulder the responsibility of making sure the forum is maintained according to our guidelines. Posting about an issue in a very active unrelated topic can cause all sorts of confusion when troubleshooting tips start rolling in and those tips only relate to one or two people, not the majority of the people in the topic.

Even though you are reading and replying by e-mail, please understand that your replies become public messages in the Community and therefore, must adhere to our Community Guidelines.

We’d like to do what we can to help both you and @yakfam troubleshoot the issue you are having with missed calls. I’ve moved your posts into No ring at my end so that we can continue the conversation there without derailing the topic about the denial of service attacks.

I’m glad to read that you were able to get your CDMA SIM card, and that so far things are doing better.

@yakfam, your Community profile indicates you were using a Moto X 1st gen when you created your Community account. Do you remember if you experienced this kind of problem with that phone? It would have had a CDMA SIM card like @mikek.fgmhry mentioned. Perhaps your experience would be better if we replaced your SIM card, as well.

dear southpaw.
as of yet not able to get the cdma sim card. the email was returned as undeliverable and I sent it to as per instructions???

2nd try ends in failure once again. whats up??

Delivery Status Notification (Failure)2


Hi @mikek.fgmhry,

I’m not sure what might be going wrong. I just e-mailed that address and it went through immediately, creating a ticket on my behalf. Please don’t spend any further time trying. I will create a ticket on your behalf.

thanks southpaw
keep getting undeliverable email notifications from your addresses??? haven’t a clue.

when do you think I’ll get the sim card. I’ve had at least 4 dropped calls today…

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